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The Secret to Achieving Goals

Womenlines Influencer for Yoga, Archana Amlapure is sharing an incredible secret to achieve goals in life-

How many times you set a goal and feel that you can never achieve it?
Do you set the goal and lose focus easily?
Most of us set the goals as a new year resolution, it can be as simple as getting up early every day or as big as setting up company. But statistics show that 92% of new year goals fail by Jan,15th.

Yes, setting Goal is one part and achieving the goal is another and important part of the Goal.
Many times, we want to achieve something, but we feel stuck, seized and stumbled.

I am going to share an open secret with you..The one mantra to achieve what you want in your life.
That is Meditation.
You need focus, consistency, determination and courage to achieve goals and meditation is the way to build all these qualities.

It is said that those who control their mind win and those who lose their mind are losers. Very often in the process of achieving a goal, we tend to lose our mind, but the key is to be patient and perseverant.

Modern research shows infinite possibilities and powers of mind and the brain. The power of the subconscious mind is more powerful than the power of the conscious mind. To construct a goal is the task of rational and conscious mind. While achieving the goal is the task of imaginative, intuitive mind, which is subconscious mind. Thus, the combined effort of the two will help to achieve a goal.
Very often we set goals like .. losing weight, getting up early, exercising regularly or even bigger life goal. But most of us can’t keep up with that, they lose focus, enthusiasm, became impatient or fall into the comfort zone.
In order to achieve goals, one needs strong will power, consistency, focus and this is basically the work of the right brain, which is intuitive and connected to the subconscious mind.
Our brain is divided into two parts ..right brain and the left brain. One is rational, which is left the brain and another one is intuitive, which is the right brain. Left part of the brain deals with analytical, rationalizing, logical skills. The right brain deals with the creative, imaginative and intuitive brain.

We use our left brain too much…thinking, analyzing, constructing, but we do not use the right brain much. . The right side of the brain is connected to the subconscious mind and developing this side helps in achieving goals.
Our education system also puts emphasis on developing our analytical and logical brain, but do not work on their imaginative and intuitive part. People who are successful often use their both parts of the brain.
We do not use even use 20% of our capabilities, now the study shows that we do not use even 1% of capabilities, that means how successful a person might be he never uses his capabilities fully.
To develop the capabilities, we need to develop and balance both sides of the brain and need to activate the right brain.
How meditation helps to activate the right brain-
Inactive, wake state, we have about 14 to 21 pulses per second, which is beta level.
In the dormant state, rest, relaxed state, pulse rate is 8 to 14 per second, which is alpha level.
In deep sleep- 4 to 8 per second, which is theta level.
The lower level is 0 to 4 delta level.

When we meditate, our breathing becomes slow, blood pressure drops, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes active. The number of thoughts gets reduced; all the energy will be concentrated on this. Our pulse rate drops and if we stay there for a long time, we remain in alpha level and right brain or your subconscious mind gets activated.
At this stage, if you set your intention or visualize the positive result of your goal, you are a step closer to achieving the goal.
Meditate, because some questions are not answered by google.
The answers /solution what you seek never come to you when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.
In addition, Meditation help to increase your focus, concentration, determination and builds up your willpower, helps in making you emotionally balanced, Which is the basic ingredients required for achieving Goals.

How can you do it?
1. Commit to just 2 minutes a day.
2. Select a time ..
3. Find a quiet spot. Sit comfortably.
4. Start with just 2 minutes.
5. Focus on your breath.

When you notice your mind wandering from the breath, just notice it and don’t berate yourself or try to push away the thought, but gently return to the breath.

Repeat this process as many times as you need to.

Some tips to keep it going-
1. If you are wondering if you are doing right or wrong. Don’t worry, keep it going. It is normal to feel uncertain, confused and lost. As long as you are doing it, you are fine.
2. If your mind keeps going through to do list or past, don’t stop or control thoughts. Keep it going, just notice them, acknowledge and slowly train yourself to stay longer. Everybody’s mind works the same way.
3. Don’t worry about the length of meditation. According to your comfort and convenience, start at 2 min and increase gradually up to 20 mins.
4. Be gentle. Don’t judge yourself. If you do judge yourself, don’t judge yourself for judging yourself. 🙂

Dreaming is Fun but achieving them is more fun if you have the right tool with you.

Insta: ojasyoga0704

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