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Ultimate 5 Mins Whole Body Work Out for Entrepreneurs

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Energy is the new currency, and to maintain this currency regular whole body workout is a must for entrepreneurs!

If you are an entrepreneur you walk in a park every day and that park is a Jurrasic park, I read sometime back! You never know when you have to face a dinosaur who pops up suddenly and then you are dependent upon you physical and mental fitness only.

You Tuber Amy Clover has shared this 5 mins whole workout video for entrepreneurs on her video channel.

Amy describes her youtube channel as-

The official channel of Strong Inside Out and The 30×30 Project, empowering you through fitness and positive action to overcome life’s obstacles.

Amy Clover

About Amy Clover

I’m a writer (most of the blog posts are written by yours truly), fitness personality for Cyberobics & McFit (over 150 gyms across Europe feature me on a big screen), motivational speaker, teacher and mental health advocate… I also know what it’s like to have “getting out of bed” be my win for the day.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate who’s looking back, to feel like you have no control whatsoever over your mind or your life, to feel like you’re so broken that you’re beyond healing. I’ve struggled with clinical depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and eating disorders throughout my entire life. In fact, they almost killed me. I hit rock bottom in 2005 when I was hospitalized on suicide watch.

Having my freedom stripped from me in that hospital shocked me back to life: it hit me that I’d given up. I’d never even tried to take action to feel better because I just assumed that nothing would ever work for me.

With this realization fresh in my mind, I committed to working on myself from the inside out as soon as I was released. After all, the worst had already happened. I figured I had nothing else to lose.

Over the next few years, I roller-coasted up and down trying to find methods that worked. Some stuck, some sank me deeper. No matter what, though, I got back up.


One discovery was the key to my mental and physical transformation: Movement.

After getting into the gym to lose weight off my already healthy body of all reasons, I started to realize that I’d feel powerful AF during my sweat sesh, AND I’d leave the gym feeling stronger inside and out. Plus, all the work I was doing with my therapist got stickier (meaning it worked better). I became such a believer in the power of Movement that I dived head-first into life as a personal trainer, but I had no idea how much work I still had to do…

Through working at the gym where aesthetics were king, my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and eating disorder flared up big time.

I became obsessive about the “perfect” body and addicted to the need to conform to an unhealthy standard of “fitness.” I needed that fix, and I’d hurt myself to get it. Starving myself, throwing up, poisoning my body with diet pills, overtraining to the point of injury and hormonal imbalance: all of these were the norm for me.

I hit rock bottom yet again when I reached 13% body fat for a video shoot, then promptly binged 10 pounds back on the next week. I just couldn’t stop. With help from my supporters, I got back into recovery and fully committed to healing my body, mind and spirit. A few years later, here I am in balance, living in the grey zone, finally happy and at peace no matter how my body looks, how much I can lift, what I eat or how I compare to anyone else.

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