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Ultimate Secrets of Power Dressing for Women in Business

power dressing

How to do power dressing? A question that pops up in the mind of every woman in business and profession!

As I dug out few tips shared by various experts across google here is the list of best ones-


Go for an oversized, padded blazer for a more chic look. Strong shoulders are not only impressive, they’re also flattering for all body types. Best of all, they go well with everything – a silk button-down or worn with jeans and a shirt. Just change the shoes and accessories to switch from day to night or wear it with dresses, pants or pencil skirts.

Credit CNA Lifestyle

Inject some Bright Colour in your Wardrobe

Enough of the dreariness that was 2020. It’s time to celebrate the new normal by injecting some yellow and pink into your work wardrobe. If you prefer a subtler effect, try pairing a tank top in pink or yellow with a neutral skirt or pants or accessorise in these colours. But if you like it bolder, choose a dress or pair of pants in either colour to make a statement. 

Credit CNA Lifestyle

Tidy Belts as an Acessory

Regardless of whether you are opting for tailored trousers, a skirt or a structured dress, wearing a belt is not only a practical inclusion but can add a more tailored look to your outfit. By nipping your clothes in at the waist you can define your figure in a sophisticated way. Opt for a chunky patent waist belt or a slim leather strap to fit with the style of any look. Not only can a belt offer a new colour tone to your ensemble, but a more professional polish too.

Credit faze.ca

Blazer- Denim Combination

The blazer – denim combination has been a popular choice by many luxury brands like CelineSaint Laurent and Khaite, so it has many votes to become the next workplace uniform, especially from this fall onwards. The mix is polished and chic but far from being uncomfortable or extremely formal. 

Credit luxiders.com

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