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Ultimate Leadership Secrets from Maverick Coach Pjero Mardesic

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Pjero Mardesic is at the forefront of partnering senior executives/people of influence from any addiction holding them back to living and leading an exceptional life. In the video above Pjero has shared ultimate leadership secrets, for both men and women!

Pjero has spent the last 2 decades in varied leadership roles within a multitude of industry sectors namely Telecommunications, Finance, Human Resources, Recruitment, Personal Training, Automobile, Construction, Real Estate.  A key area of speciality Pjero championed involved the psychology of sales within these sectors, why, because he knew if he was able to contribute to the psychological shifts required mindset wise this would create an environment of cultural awareness and exceptional results.

Throughout this journey, however, he witnessed time and time again senior executives who were hindered by anxiety, overwhelm, stress, depression, financial pressure, addictions, namely alcohol, substance abuse, sex, gambling, etc.  Mental health/wellbeing in the corporate workplace usually is aimed at the employee level but rarely is it a topic that is spoken about within the executive community due to the stigmatisation involved. 

Unaddressed impairment in executive or professional leaders can harm the individual and their family and be devastating to the vitality of an organisation regardless of size or mission. Although executives and professionals are afflicted as often and severely as other groups, the very nature of their achieved status often contributes to significant denial and barriers that often delays the process of identifying problems and receiving suitable support given who they are.

It is for these reasons Pjero Mardesic – Conquer The Uncomfortable Unleash Your Potential Executive Leadership Coaching/Mentoring practice was established to powerfully partner senior executives to UNEARTH their reason for being, INTEGRATING all facets of their identity, to EVOLVE to a new level of consciousness to live and lead an exceptional life.  Pjero’s unique personal and professional history spans 2 decades and included extensive study into addiction, counselling, mentoring, sales psychology, mindset, habits, coping mechanisms, culture, & personal development 

This practice complements Pjero’s personal development company called ‘Adictd2grow – Conquer Your Mind, Unleash Your Soul’ which partners committed individuals to DISCOVER their genius, UNDERSTAND finally what has been holding them back, and TRANSFORMING every aspect of their personal and professional lives.  Given Pjero’s extensive background in high-performance sales he leads Sales Psychology workshops within this practice that achieve performance shifts & ultimately ‘sustained change’ that reprogram entrenched beliefs; psychologically, physiologically, behaviourally.

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