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Ultimate Ways Female Leader can Silent Inner Critic

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Is your inner critic is overwhelming you and questioning your abilities as a female leader?

Leadership Coach Sally Anderson, a guest influencer for Leadership at the Womenlines panel from New Zealand has shared amazing insights to silence that inner critic and get empowered. Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s/executive teams/C-Suite forums/entrepreneurs/celebrities/politicians/millionaires/billionaires over 20 years.

ALL of the human sufferings is a function of what we make things MEAN! FACT!. If you wish to no longer suffer, STOP making things mean anything? Simple right? Well if it were we would not experience the degree of suffering we see in the world, individually and collectively.


When you are impacted by external circumstances one of two things occur:-

  1. You default to feeling disempowered or
  2. Your inner critic becomes far more vocal

If this is the case here are my top 10 ‘awareness-based training’ tips. Given the impact of Covid 19, mental illness is at an all-time high so felt it would be good to provide some reprieve to those who feel impacted by current circumstance:-

  1. When in a disempowered state you are operating in child mode – the mastery skill is to use this state as your access point to shift state into adult mode through choice and self interest to an empowered state
  2. Your default automatic stance is as valid as the opposite, use this disempowered feeling to immediately hotkey into finding new evidence by shifting state with immediacy
  3. When disempowered you are disconnected from source feeding either past and or future based projections or both. Learn to reconnect,  identify where you are projecting, come back to your center, recalibrate and reconnect to what motivates you
  4. When you are listening to your inner critic dialogue, you are again disconnected from source, feeding either past and or future based projections or both. Identify where you are projecting, recalibrate and reconnect to what motivates you – what you feed will thrive, what do you do not feed will die!
  5. The key to self mastery is the length of time you spend in the trigger, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month etc. Learn to become proficient in shifting state with immediacy
  6. If you are unable to shift state there is only one thing going on, only one and that is – the payoffs of staying in your default out way what it is costing you. If you were present to the costs you would move in a heartbeat. Most are disassociated from the costs, they can rattle off the costs but not associated to the costs. To shift you need to identify what you are getting out of it, they are called ‘ontological payoffs’, stock standard for every human being, ie: Get to be right, get to make others wrong, get to be justified about your point of view, don’t have to be responsible here, get to be a victim, powerless to change the situation, get to dominate, manipulate, and control.
  7. Get a sense of humour for when you are disempowered or in your inner critic you are VERY serious, significant and dramatic (SSD) – to die to SSD, light up, step back, view it from a different perspective and realise that you are the creator of your own suffering
  8. Watch your languaging, the 5 relinquishment buckets for humans are:- I don’t have enough TIME, I don’t have enough ENERGY, I don’t have enough MONEY, I don’t know HOW, MANIFESTING ILLNESS to abdicate responsibility. How many books do we need to read that say be careful what you think for our thoughts create our reality, here’s the deal, they do and yet we are not trained to be extra vigilant with where our thoughts are focused. Those who are COMMITTED will always find the energy, always find the time, always find the money, always work out the how, and will look after their wellbeing to ensure they do not manifest any form of illness. How committed are you?
  9. Being positive just doesn’t cut it sometimes. There is a difference between managing your state versus experientially shifting your state, big difference – do the inner work!
  10. Using this as an analogy – can you imagine what it is like vacuuming if you have not plugged it in and turned it on, bit tricky – we as humans often live in a disconnected state, disconnected from the power source and then wonder why life is occurring as it is. Make sure you plug in and stay plugged in, life is a lot easier when connected to source

Here’s what I know:-

  • Nothing externally can impact your state unless you allow it
  • You can only control the controllables. Become fascinated by the unknown, magic and miracles lie here – re-access the wonderment of life
  • You have a choice on how you feel, choice on how you respond, choice on how you react, choice on how you view every single situation you experience in this life of ours, so stop living life at consequence to circumstance and reclaim your power through ‘choice’

What would your life look like if:-

– You could sustain being in your power all the time?

– You never heard your inner critic voice EVER again?

– You never worried ever again?

– You embraced everything you felt uncomfortable with, confronted by, or resistant of?

All of this folks is a CHOICE!

Food for thought today!

Final word:-

Is what you are THINKING forwarding your game, if it is not don’t THINK it!

Is what you are DOING forwarding your game, if it is not don’t DO it!

Is what you are SAYING forwarding your game, if it is not don’t SAY it!

Is who you are forwarding your game, if it is not don’t BE that!

Leadership Coach to let go negative affirmations

Sally Anderson

Leadership Coach To The Influencers


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