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Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential: Join 3-Day Co-Creative Leadership Retreats

leadership retreats

The Co-Creative 3-Day Leadership Retreat is a life-altering, intense experience that produces extraordinary results: sustainable personal and professional transformation. To achieve previously unattainable and unsustainable results, you must work with someone that has done the unexpected, survived the unfathomable, and who dares to go to places other coaches won’t go to get results other coaches won’t get. That person is the main coach leading these retreats. 3 Day Co-Creative Leadership Retreats are being held in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Dallas.

Leadership Retreat

The design of the retreat is based on 20+ years of research. It has a tendency to attract highly trained people who, for whatever reason, have not experienced the level of transformation they have always wanted and not known how to sustain the change. This research resulted in a meticulously planned, and heavily tested, experiential programme.  There is no other education globally that focuses on the sustainability element of personal and or professional transformation.

3 Day Co-Creative Leadership Retreats

Not for the fainthearted, it’s designed for those who are genuinely interested in leading an extraordinary existence. In the retreat, you’ll unearth your underlying beliefs and behaviours and examine their role in keeping you from achieving everything you’re capable of. Our focus is on enabling you to shift at a causal rather than symptomatic level because that’s the key to producing results that can be sustained for life.

Who should attend this incredible retreat?  Someone who:

  • Is in some form of transition
  • Is highly trained and done a lot of personal and professional development work but feels their level of transformation has remained elusive and or unsustainable
  • Leaders wanting to get to the next level
  • Has already achieved a level of success but feels there must be more meaning to their life, interested in identifying and or achieving their legacy
  • Has never TRULY transcended their past, their trauma whatever that is for them
  • Is wanting to play a bigger game
  • Is keen to become masterful in their communication and who they be in the world
  • Ready to have breakthroughs unlike they NEVER have before with ANYTHING that is NOT working for them
  • Is keen to evolve spiritually, wanting to learn how to leverage their faith to experience the unfathomable
  • Is ready to understand what is in the way of them completely reinventing themselves to unstoppable levels
  • Supposedly have what everyone terms a successful life but feel bereft spiritually, feel they are being called to their next evolution
  • Is willing to invest in their own personal and professional development and feel ready


Couples, take note!

Our retreats also offer a unique opportunity for couples looking to transcend their relationships to the realm of EXTRAORDINARY. With our tried and proven Extraordinary Relationship process, couples have experienced remarrying after divorce and reignited the love they thought was lost. This process has even transformed relationships where years of counselling had limited impact. It’s not a walk in the park to do together but life-transforming if they do

Retreat Details:

Los Angeles Retreat:  28th, 29th, 30th October Los Angeles, California. Limited to 10 participants

New Jersey Retreat:  3rd, 4th, 5th November, New Jersey, USA, Limited to 10 participants

Dallas Retreat:  17th, 18th, 19th November, Dallas, Texas, Limited to 10 participants

Special Offer:

Typically priced at USD$10,000 per person, including accommodation and meals, we are excited to announce a one-time rate of USD$3,999, excluding accommodation but still covering delicious meals. Secure your registration with a 50% deposit, with the balance payable one month later. Upon registration, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire, and you’ll also get 1.5 hours of immersion time with the retreat leader, to tailor the experience to your specific needs and requirements.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey towards personal and professional greatness. Register now and embrace the extraordinary! Places are filling up fast, so act quickly to secure your spot in one of these exclusive retreats.

To hear more book a free consultation via sally@sallyandersoninternational.com.  Spaces are limited, so act now to unleash your true potential and make a lasting impact in your life and the world.


‘In one word: Priceless. I cannot put a dollar value on this experience, nor can I describe it except to say every person on the planet needs exposure to Sally’s skills, tools and models. Sally Anderson is like Tony Robbins on speed…unbelievable value.’

‘After 40 years of management training and personal and professional development courses, this is the first truly transformational programme have been on that will last!’

‘ I have been to many retreats and have been involved in coaching for over 20 years. This is what I would call intense, compassionate coaching at its best.

I challenge anyone, anywhere and anytime to ‘find themselves’, and attend this retreat – it is life-changing.

‘I give the Retreat a 5-star rating. Nothing to improve or better, it works! Sally is outstanding as a teacher, presenter, guide and coach. Sally teaches in a dynamic and powerful way so that each participant learns very quickly and absorbs almost by osmosis the principles by which to live to their full potential.

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