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Use Power of Your Voice to Build your Brand with Clubhouse


How to use the power of your voice to brand yourself at Clubhouse? Guest contributor at Womenlines, Hedieh Safiyari, Founder & CEO of PromptHealth has shared interesting tips in her article below-

Being able to use our voice is a privilege many of us take for granted. In order to ignite change, we must be willing to take opportunities where we can speak our minds and deliver a message that matters. Our voice and how we use it determines who we are, and ultimately what our brand is and what difference we make in the world. Conveying your message to the world with your unique voice in an authentic way allows you to find and connect with an audience that resonates with your mission. 

Getting started with this is not always easy. You need to have a clear understanding of what it is you want to convey, and then need to find a way to reach people who will listen and connect with your values. This can be difficult as those who are receptive to our ideas aren’t always who we expect. You must be willing to be patient and open-minded to the idea that your audience will find you in time, but it might not always be in the way you expect. The important part about figuring out what you want to convey is that if you are truly passionate, it will come to you naturally. This is immensely important and will be crucial to your success. The fact is, your passion will be evident in your message, which will help others understand the change you want to make and inspire them to join you.

Nowadays, there are so many different channels to advocate for your message – blogging, video, podcasts, and social media as a few examples. Recently, a mobile app called Clubhouse has disrupted the way we interact and converse with others online. Creators of the platform understood how impactful the power of voice can be and leveraged this to create a voice-only app where culturally diverse individuals have the opportunity to share their thoughts in real-time and connect with like-minded people. When you enter the app, you can browse through different rooms and go in and out of them as you please. Once you choose a room you can stop to just listen, raise your hand to speak, or even create rooms yourself to be the speaker and moderator of the room.

The clubhouse has been a gamechanger for networking and allows users to tap into niche community circles that they otherwise may not have found through traditional social media platforms. If you are a leader and a creator, Clubhouse is a great tool to help amplify your voice. Personally, I have resonated with hundreds of people and have expanded my own community in health and wellness by connecting with like-minded, inspiring individuals who I have also learnt from during my time at Clubhouse. Each experience with Clubhouse has felt like I am taking part in a communal meeting with brilliant individuals who share a common ground: sharing knowledge about topics they are deeply passionate about. It is something that I not only enjoy but gain immense value from whether I am learning, educating, supporting, or just simply conversing and listening. This is just one example of how your voice can inspire others. If you are motivated to make an impact, it is important to leverage tools available for you so that people can hear you. Be the voice for change, one that inspires someone younger and uplifts someone older. 

The first step is always the hardest, but once you find your community you will be glad you started. You have the power, it is within you and waiting to get out. Get out there and get heard!

Hedieh Safiyari, Founder & CEO of PromptHealth

Hedieh Safiyari is the founder/CEO of PromptHealth, a platform and app revolutionizing access to credible health and wellness experts based on individualized needs.  With 20 years of experience in healthcare and a global MBA, she is on a mission to shake up the health and wellness industry and make a difference in people’s lives through technology by simplifying access to the right sources and eliminating trial and errors.  


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