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What are your plans for the Summer Vacation?

summer vacation

Womenlines takes pleasure to share an article by Melissa Maria, Principal, Global Indian International School, SMART Campus Singapore in the guest column at Womenlines! Melissa has shared her insightful thoughts on the importance of being mindful about planning your holidays-

What are your plans for the summer vacation?

This question is very timely for educators and the student community since vacations are around the corner. This luxury comes but twice a year for them, and I am sure everyone has plans on how to spend this time.
Many are eager to shut the study materials, pack their travel bags and visit family overseas. But, what if you are not travelling for family time or fun time? Have you made any plans?

Maybe you just want to put on your pyjamas, curl up under the covers for lazy afternoons or just be a couch potato. Doing nothing can be a good way of relaxing, but many times people end up scrolling the smart device for hours together in the name of leisure activity. There is nothing wrong with spending time on social media, but shouldn’t holidays be a break from the dreaded device as well?

Every day, for long hours, all of us are glued to one smart device or another – laptops, smartphones, smart boards, smart TVs etc. The constant onslaught of content that these devices throw at us at breakneck speed may have entertainment value, but it is short-lived at best. There is no learning curve, no retention of information, no lasting knowledge gained.

Instead, if you were to consider doing something meaningful with that time, it might make a difference to yourself and others Without sounding preachy, I would urge students and teachers to consider spending some hours each day gaining a new experience in life.

Visit an orphanage and spend time with children; or take a workshop in vertical farming; volunteer to read an old people’s home or participate in a charity event Such activities will not only shape your personality, and give you valuable life lessons, it comes with inexplicable satisfaction. And it is a far more effective way to detox, relax and regain your mental and spiritual strength that will be your life force for the next 6 months.
We have a mere three weeks on our hands, do we want to spend that time staring at screens? We do that all year round, anyway, maybe this time, let’s allow ourselves to destress our necks, look up from our devices and take a deep breath of fresh air.
Life may be more enriching outside the 5-inch screen.

Melissa Maria

Principal, GIIS-SMART Campus, Singapore

Educator| Award winner| Experienced traveller|

Animal lover| Passionate Dancer|Interest in Organic gardening

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