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Series 3-Women Empowerment: Health is Wealth

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Series 3 Talk on the topic ‘Women Empowerment’ by Founder Womenlines Charu Mehrotra at Bringle Academy


Friends, tell me what do you understand by being healthy!

Most of you will mention that leading life without any illness means you are healthy. I agree with you to a certain extent. It means leading life without illness but there are certain other parameters which determine your health status. Physical, Mental and Spiritual health together contribute to making you feel healthy in a holistic way.

Womenfolk mostly mention that they don’t have time to exercise, take care of their diet and look after their health in such a holistic way. But tell me, friends, if you are not healthy, fit and happy yourself then how you can put efforts to take care of your family.No kid will ever like to see his or her mother falling ill or unhappy. As an individual only you have to be responsible for all parameters of health and take care of yourself properly. As there is a famous quote- “The world will see you as you see yourself”!

So the first step is to be responsible for yourself. Educate yourself about how you can be healthy. Nowadays so many health experts are sharing amazing information across social media. Follow such certified influencers who are popular and experienced. Same goes with fitness influencers. Once you have your favourite influencers you cam regularly follow them and get tips for exercise and fitness in daily routine. Taking care of diet and fitness comes under physical health.

Now comes the zone of mental health. How are your emotions running you? How are you communicating with yourself? Good health is extremely important for overall well being. Researches show that women suffer from depression more than men. Start making happiness a choice in life. Find reasons to laugh more instead of being in complaining mode. Journal your thoughts. Express gratitude, be mindful to destress yourself by following certain hobby like dance, painting, walking etc.

Spiritual health zone is quite new and not everybody believes in it. Those who believe in supreme power then how they connect with that power establishes their spiritual health. It is your connection with supreme power, disciplined lifestyle with values, connection with the environment, connection with the others who are around you and your surroundings. It is all about leading a purposeful life. Good spiritual health will help you to live authentic living and not get lost in materialistic living. It is the degree we honour connectedness with supreme power and surroundings!

Let Excellence be your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines 

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