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Why Women’s online magazine?

When I started working upon the idea of Womenlines as a media hub where all content published will be around leadership, business, and health excellence of women many people questioned me, why?

I just said one word, we deserve better media!

12 years plus entrepreneurial journey without a business degree was much based on self-taught skills through digital media. What helped me was the knowledge gained by following certain digital content to empower myself.

I have always believed that every woman on this planet is blessed with some amazing power, which she can only use if she is empowered with the right mindset and knowledge. Media hub should be there publishing that knowledge which can help her to discover that power, to sharpen that power and to use that power fully by living a physically and mentally fit life. Normally media is reporting mostly about fashion, beauty products, cooking tips etc but we are more than that I suppose. Knowledge about so many life skills which can really help us to live life better, manage time better, manage our emotions and health better should be reaching to womenfolk.

Womenlines world is all about promoting excellence in women! Our vision is –

Shaping physically and mentally healthy women who are professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs, across the globe, to live a better version of self while contributing towards making our planet a better place to live!



At present Womenlines is in the top 50 women’s e-magazines to be followed in 2021, delivering business, health and leadership excellence content to busy women professionals and entrepreneurs to excel as a leader and be a healthy version of themselves. Womenlines runs talk shows publishes content shared by experts from across the globe on topics like business excellence, leadership skills and healthy you. Womenlines team believes in working towards making womenfolk empowered with those skills which she can use for her excellence. Having awareness about growth mindset, emotional intelligence, can really do wonders for womenfolk. Based on the saying that we are what we read and what we eat, comes powerful weekly dosage of knowledge, motivation and inspiration from https://www.womenlines.com.

Are you looking out for physical health, leadership skills, mindset health and image branding strengthening tools to be the best version of yourself? Subscribe to weekly powerful updates of Womenlines for free. Click https://www.womenlines.com!

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