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21 days Business Sustainability Challange

Womenlines and Bringle Blended Meet Ups along with Solworxs, Poornam Foundation and Vardaan, organized a virtual meet up ’21 Days Business Sustainability Challenge’ on Bringle platform, which lasted from 31st March to 29th April. Every day various experts from across the globe shared insights and tips on various topics related to the business arena and guided how to make businesses sustainable in present challenging times. Summary about the whole event in Womenlines’ founder Charu Mehrotra’s words-

Infographic Credit- Rajashri Rajashekhar

“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.” Travis Kalanick.This quote never was thought of, till l had a discussion with my wonderful core team behind #21daysbusinesssustainabiltychallange!!

Instead of getting ourselves drowned into all negativity around we all decided to challenge ourself to learn what’s missing in our business models. So the concept was finalized and we came up with a brilliant set of topics covered under –Thought leadership, Customer focus, Process and Value Creation!

As entrepreneurs, we all know friends that survival only happens if you are fit to survive and same goes for our business entities…Therefore the need was to empower ourselves with the power of the latest knowledge from various experts across the globe who have learnt through their dedicated hard work the correct way of working in their fields. I am so grateful to all speakers from my bottom of my heart for sharing such insightful, useful and powerful knowledge with all the participants. We started building up the Pearls of the wisdom necklace since the first week where we learnt what is the requirement by a thought leader- in terms of physical and mindset health which can be leveraged with impactful personal branding for self and business both. Once the branding is set then there is a requirement for a powerful business plan which can be implemented step by step to achieve the goals. We had so many experts who shared their amazing knowledge about the nitty-gritty about a business plan and how to make it effective.

Customer is the king for any business owner, so the following week was spent on learning the best ways we can handle make our customer a king, various innovative ways we can handle feedbacks by the customer, how can we engage in best creative ways and what has to be included for customer delight. Hats off to amazing speakers for the week for sharing incredible tips with us.

Any business setup needs a proper model for best functioning. So the third week we had experts who shared amazing knowledge related to lean modelling, six sigma methodology and disruptive technologies.

The final week was focussed on understanding the importance of value creation for the customers. How much difference can be made if every business owner works with the right ethics for the power of value creation? Again we had amazing speakers who helped us to grasp the power of value creation by understanding the concepts about importance of measures, tangible and intangible outcomes and wonders of blue ocean strategy leading to a final discussion on business sustainability.

Infographic Credit Rajashri Rajashekhar

Last 2 days were awesome as we had amazing insights about how the HR Transformation will be impacting the way of working of organizations and bridging the gap between leaders and employees of the entity. With final day discussion on virtual reality and human-machine interface, we all have envisioned a beautiful future for all of us and we are geared up to reset our businesses with a new outlook!

I am so grateful to all participants who have contributed a lot in making this event successful. I am so thankful to the core team members for amazing teamwork- Anshav Jain, founder Bringle Academy; Rajashri Rajashekhar, founder Poornam foundation; Mani Lakkaraju, founder Solworxs and Sharmila Divatia founder Vardaan!

Visit BRINGLE TALKS channel on youtube to watch all sessions of 21 Days Business Sustainability Challenge!

Let Excellence be Your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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