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Womenlines and Bringle Academy Presents: 21 Days Business Sustainability Challange

Adversity can be seen as a laboratory to accelerate personal mastery. Use messy times to grow your greatness – Robin Sharma

Let’s get some inspiration from Robin Sharma’s powerful quote and challenge ourselves to achieve personal mastery over our businesses in the next 21 days. Womenlines and Bringle Academy together take pleasure to share about the upcoming live show for 21 days where you will unleash the kaleidoscopic view of your business…

Kaleidoscope is the most powerful play which forms beautiful patterns and sequence of bangle glass pieces as we keep rotating it regularly.  It unleashes the colourful & multiple eye-catching designs of the same glass pieces by creating the experience of newness. 

In the next 21 days, Bringle is giving you the Kaleidoscopic view of your business getting the experts, mentors, visionary’s, coaches together on the Bringle Meet-up platform. As you keep watching the every day sessions with multiple experts talking about the business it will create the kaleidoscopic experience of your business. You will be able to see your own business in the newer form. This 21 days kaleidoscopic view will finally build your own sustainable business model. It’s you who will create the change and we will bring the view.

Bringle Blended Meetups Platform having a presence in 140+ countries and 200+ million viewers and will be used to promote the program

Let’s join the hands to make this world a better place to live and flourish.
You can check more details at –

Bringle Academy

and even enrol in the community page for more updates!!

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