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Act of Kindness!

Kindness , as a definition can be defined as the act of being kind  marked by charitable behaviour, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others.

In today’s times when every individual is running for something or the other and has no time to think about himself also then concept of kindness is loosing its impact. We have become robots who are programmed to just think about their goals and achievements and dreams. Whole day passes off  with activities related to individuals aspirations. Hats off to those people who can manage to take out time to carry out activities nurturing kindness, love, affection around.

There are so many ways through which you can show kindness to others. Small small activities if carried out in our mundane  days  can lead to precious moments of life filled with happiness and joy. In fact researches show that kindness can also make us happier. People who perform such activities like holding door open for a stranger, doing a friend’s dishes at her place, helping oldies to carry out their baggage’s have higher level of happiness. It makes no difference whether you are helping a loved one or a stranger but a small anonymous act might make you feel like a very good person.

Kindness also helps in keeping yourself  healthy.Helpful people are less likely to fall ill from chronic diseases and tended to have better immune system. Kindness also helps in regulating emotions which has a very positive impact on our health. There is this person named Villaveces who lives in Sydney with his family. He started doing act of kindness after getting inspired by someone who despite of living a very difficult life was able to maintain his generosity. Villaveces started a concept of giving out a card with each act of kindness and it asks the recipient to pass out the good deed to other person.  Visit  his website www.pifaustralia.org  to track the progress of the cards. Very interesting attempt I must say and that too for a virtue, this makes it a nobel concept which needs more volunteers.

In the series of noble attempts there is must read book and must watch movie called ‘Pay it Forward’ where a troubled school boy decided to start repaying every good deed done to him by performing three good deeds to others. Being a mother we can teach kids about this noble virtue and help them in building empathy by encouraging them to understand how others might be feeling.

Let’s start training ourselves to be kinder and then it can be our  attitude that you carry with you always which can create difference in other’s life.

Charu Mehrotra

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