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Teachers are Special!

It is said that “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions”. Teachers are considered to be builders of future pillars of our country. They should be given respect and motivation for the work they are doing.

I wonder why this job is taken for granted around the whole world and is not given required respect as it should be. Teachers are the builders of the future generation and they only sow seeds of education in our kids which when nurtured with love, care, and attention by parents, helps in their all-round development. It is necessary that to perform this job every teacher should be well qualified for it and properly trained how to handle kids. If they themselves are not competent in their subjects then how we can believe that they will teach students properly. Lily Tomlin said that -“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. ” This statement is so true. Teachers have to have a vision for their students. In our society normally people prefer teacher’s job only when they are not getting any other job. Or Homemakers, when their kids are growing up then they think they can carry this job easily while managing their families. It’s good that we have teachers who know how to handle kids as they have handled their own kids. But are they qualified for it? Though most of the time it is the compulsory rule in school that teachers should have a degree in education. I really get bugged up when I come to know about incidences where the teacher just takes their work for granted and then just fulfill their duty by finishing off the course prescribed for the session and that too is sometimes missing in some schools. They are least bothered to check if she is successful in clearing her student’s doubts or they have understood the lesson fully.  I think that it is the content of assessment that largely drives the education. I really want to request teachers that they should emphasize on the ability of students to think creatively.They should be allowed to understand different factors related to the topic and not simply mug up the answers to get the marks.
Teachers have their own reasons for not taking their work seriously and the most common are that they are underpaid. I want to request the concerned authorities that they should include the teaching profession in the highly paid job list so that we can have talented teachers around.

Charu Mehrotra

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