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Activities for Kids! Part 1

Mothers are always concerned about the activities of their kids. Especially during vacation times!Kids demand attention, they are never ready to just sit idle. We as mothers try our best to keep them occupied with so many things. Colouring, painting, craft work, Internet sites, reading, pretend play, visit parks, etc are the various ways kids keep themselves busy. It’s a fact that whatever activity kids are involved in is helping them to develop some skills for themselves. Painting and art activities help in enhancing creativity, craftwork helps to build holding skills, pretend and play help in expressing themselves.

At times kids ask you for certain other activities as they can get bored of doing the same usual activities. Then we have to be innovative and patient too! While searching out for ways to keep my kid busy at home I came across various tips which I will love to share with my readers. As the list is big enough to share in one go, therefore I will keep the series on with every passing week-

1. Make me poster– To recognize your child’s interests.

Markers, gum, a large sheet, magazine pictures, snapshots, scissors

Go through different magazines and papers with your child. Find pictures of your child’s favourite things like what’s his favourite food, pets, clothes.Cut the pictures down and paste them into a large sheet of paper… Make big captions on the chart like “look at me when I was 1 years old!” or “My granny dear”.

This activity gives a special feeling to your child and says to him that you are special to us. This activity will definitely build self-confidence in your child!

2. Word game

Paper, Marker, Small Box

Decorate a small box and keep it in your kid’s room. Every day post a new word in his room and discuss the meaning also. Then keep that word in the box. Review all words once a week. You can add different variations also to this game. Show different words to them and ask them to choose. Then attach all words card together to make a word train. You can make this game more dramatic to involve your kid in it fully.

Happy vacations!

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