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Power of Communication-ultimate gift to kids by parents

As a parent, we want to fill our kid’s life with happiness and success!

commuWe want them to be equipped with all skill sets required to survive successfully in present times. Positive Communication skills are the golden skills in today’s times. In every sphere of life, a parameter of our success very much depends upon on how are our communication skills.

In daily life, communication is taken as a normal activity which is not given much mindfulness. But if we go through our whole day activities then we will find yourself indulged in some of the other types of communication. Either we are talking one to one or interacting on phone, even might be communicating through emails too. We also realize those things in life, which we missed because of lack of proper communication.

We can lovingly guide our children towards happiness and true success in all aspects of life by equipping them with the power of communication. When they grow up they have to deal with their family, employers, friends, relatives, neighbors, in fact with pets too:)). While communicating they have to learn how to manage tone, what type of words to use, with whom to have the heart to heart communication, when to have limited communication.

How communication skills can help-

  1. Great communication skills can help kids to share their thoughts with their parents easily. At times kids are not feeling good, demotivated and get lost. Above all, if they are not able to share their real feelings with anybody and keep piling their thoughts within themselves, it can lead to stress. On the other side, good communication skills can help kids to just let the burden of thoughts go away by sharing in and out with their parents. This way they can get correct guidance
  2. In schools, it is very important to have great communication skills with friends and teachers. Right knowledge can only be gained when proper interaction happens with the teacher in the class. With right communication skills kids can ask right questions and can clarify their doubts. This way they can have a good hold on their subjects.
  3. Kids will be growing up with time to join the workforce. Then they will be requiring the power of oral and written communications skills both. If they are equipped with these skills from the beginning they can excel in their field without any doubt.
  4. Kids are part of the family, therefore, they should be mindful about their communication with every member of the family. Such skills can help in building up a strong bond between him and all members of the family.
  5. Positive communication with oneself is the most important communication skill which any parent can teach his kid. It can do wonders by creating a strong self-esteem thus leading to a confident and determined personality of a child.

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