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Activities for kids! Part 9

Kids cannot sit idle. With bubbling, energy kids love to keep themselves busy with various activities around. Whether its art craft activity or dance, singing, any creative activity will bring out their real talent outside. Some activities really help to nurture certain specific skills in them. Through this series, women lines want to share those activities with its readers which will really help in a meaningful way-

1-Create and Imagine-

If you want to teach certain practical knowledge for everyday living this activity will help you a lot.

Place a large sheet of paper on the floor.Ask your child to draw a picture of your home in the centre of the paper and title the map with the name.Draw your street, write your street name, and your house and telephone numbers.

Have your child place on X on the map to mark important places in the neighbourhood. like school, store, shopping complex, friend’s house, fire station, police station, clinic, etc. Talk with your child bout which place is nearest to your place. Post the map on the fridge and so that your child can have a look at it every day. Encourage the child to put other places on the map also.

2-Time marches on

This activity helps your child see and feel and see the difference between a “few second” and a “few minute”. It will help your child learn to be on time.

Make guesses about how long a traffic light is red or green. Then check your guesses, about how long it takes to eat dinner.Then check your guesses.How long does it take to get ready and go out? How close each one of you come close to right answers.

Have fun while playing these games!

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