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Dazzling event by Indian Expat Ladies in Singapore-Dazzling Divas!

Dazzling Divas, was a fun-filled programme for ladies, organized with the motive of integrating the female immigrants, with the Singaporeans and to provide some fun and amusement to make them have a feel of their home country. Women from different walks of life, from different parts of Singapore, visited the event.

Dazzling Divas was an amazing effort by Indian expat ladies, who displayed their talents in various programmes in the event. The event was well supported by Sengkang Women Executive Committee (WEC) – a People’s Association Organization. Held at Sengkang Community Club, on 14th November 2009, Saturday, 7:00-1000 pm Dazzling Divas was an entertaining night for the female audience.

The organizing committee was chaired by Ms Kamini Chaliki and was ably supported by Ms Charu and Ms Mrunal with guidance from Ms Azeeza. Ms Kamini took the initiative to organize the whole event with the support of Chairman Sengkang WEC.

Dazzling Divas was successful in providing entertainment to the female audience. The theme for the month was “Colours of India”. The programme was started with the Mehendi and Rangoli competition. There were active participation and participants came out with very amazingly creative Rangoli and Mehndi Patterns. Ms Arpita Karandikar was the winner for Mehendi competition and Ms Saujanya was the winner for Rangoli competition. There were some sweet performances by kids on some Bollywood and Kollywood m numbers, which was well received by the audience. So many multifaceted women got a chance to showcase their talents by participating in this event. The interesting fact is that many participants never met each other personally before the event and interacted virtually through a social networking site. The evening unfolded with surprise in terms of comic caper Singapore version of Ramayana, enacted by some enterprising ladies from IIS theatre group, that kept everyone in splits. Also, a very well coordinated and in-sync National Integration Fashion Show was a huge success with the audience due to elegant costumes, beautiful jewellery; Ms Sunita Prashant was the choreographer for the fashion show. The main attraction of the show was the dazzling divas’ performance by lovely ladies who danced on hit Bollywood like from Jab we met, Kajra re numbers from old generation to latest hit songs.

Ms Shakun Narang, from the audience, said “Truly Dazzling Divas was a platform that gave women in Singapore a platform to showcase their inner elegance, beauty and substance they are made of. More than that, the event brought in a kind of bonhomie and togetherness that we all Indian women crave for in a home away from home.

The crowd of 150 ladies enjoyed the whole programme, tasty Indian food, participated actively in games and had the fun time while dancing on hit Bollywood numbers. Ms Deepti Rawat, from the audience, commented that “It was an evening with the stunning performance of talented dancers, hilarious comedy skit, fashion show, games and lucky draw too. In 10 years of my married life, this was my first party without my husband where I enjoyed a lot. I got a chance to learn catwalk, there, thanks to WEC.”

The show was sponsored by a go to website mysingapore.com.sg, which brings the latest happenings events related to art, culture, movies, restaurants, with a distinctly Indian point of view. Four Seasons Spa located at Midpoint Orchard road was the other sponsor for the event. Miss Nisha gifted valued vouchers for her beauty and tailoring services for the lucky draw winners.

The regular get-together for immigrants can really help in diminishing the line of difference between Singaporeans (existing & immigrants) so that they can mutually benefit each other by exchanging knowledge and having some amusement and regalement together.

Charu Mehrotra

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