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Awaken the Leader Within you by Following Life Changing Takeaways from the Webinar ‘Be the CEO’ of Your Life’ by John Mattone

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“The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you truly are and what your purpose is!

When you know yourself you are empowered, and all geared up to situate yourself in this chaotic world. Being self-aware is not an absence of mistakes, but the ability and willingness to learn from them, sometimes even unlearn or relearn, evolving and growing each time. As the great philosopher, Aristotle says, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom:”-

This was so beautifully shared by Leadership Demystified Webinars team, that I was compelled to register for the webinar by John Mattone, ex-coach to late Steve Jobs. John Mattone is the best-selling author, the world’s 1 authority on Intelligent Leadership and one of the world’s most in-demand CEO coaches & leadership speakers. 

Leadership Demystified is a LinkedIn based non-profit initiative which runs podcast unravelling the leadership journey of revered global leaders across genre. It has a viewership of 200K + since its inception in Feb 2018 till date! Leadership Demystified runs two initiatives- Leadership Demystified Webinars wherein they are committed to making qualitative life education by global facilitators within means. The other initiative is Leadership Demystified Podcast, not for profit LinkedIn based initiative which curates stories and interviews inspiring global leaders. Leadership Demystified Webinars was founded by Puja Talesara along with Dr Vanditaa Dar and Snehal Singh.

Do check out their page on FB for their upcoming programmes. Click- ‘Leadership Demystified Webinars’.

The webinar ‘Be the CEO of your life’ was a powerful one to stimulate thoughts to a certain extent that it helped in strengthening my belief that I can be a leader. It is not necessary you can be CEO in your life if only you are working in the corporate environment. As an individual everybody is entitled to be a CEO of his own life by getting mindful about his actions and having a mindset with certain patterns. Here are my takeaways-

  1. If you want to be CEO in life think big. Get a great mindset. If you have a good mindset you can get the problem solved. Every day you have to think about how you are doing things different and big. It will drive you towards success. Constantly disrupt yourself. Challenge yourself as a parent, as a partner, as a friend and as yourself how to improve. You have to think big. Reflect on your accomplishments for the day- ‘What should I do different tomorrow? Where I messed, where I was good.’
  2. Always check are you aligned with your core purpose? Work on your inner core. How you view yourself as a human being, what about character, value system, thinking patterns, are all engines..and if engines vibrant. Beauty in the inner core will drive beauty in the outer core. You have strengths which you have not seen before. Leverage these skills. To make outer core strong. The inner core is good cholesterol. Optimise good cholesterol. Inner core drives the outer core. Great leadership is about strengthening the inner and outer core.
  3. Do not be afraid to open up. Little vulnerability is not at all bad. Do not forget to counterbalance that massive thinking. Don’t overplay otherwise you will become an egomaniac. Don’t be afraid of showing your emotions.
  4. Go to children and ask for feedback. Are you a role model? What you give off? What’s your energy? Till what degree you touch heart, mind, soul. That’s what leadership is? Are you showing heart, compassion and altruism? If you want to become CEO of life never feel bad for asking the feedback. The journey of leadership is not about us. Be totally authentic. Ask your team what can I do differently to improve. To be open to taking feedback requires courage
  5. Have a board of directors. Who is better than you. Ask them how you are doing, where you are strong and where weak. What went well today and where you fall short. Make a commitment, tomorrow you will be more capable, more aligned. Your inner core drives the outer core. Ultimately both will drive the foundation of values. Check who can and will help you unlock and unleash your greatest potential so you become all that you can be.
  6. Whatever values you drive, leaders who are more altruistic, courteous, compassionate, who are not afraid to show their heart, not afraid to say to people you have done well are real leaders. You are touching hearts minds and souls. Leading self and others and ultimately finding the essence of what your legacy will be.
  7. Look at yourself how capable you are as a human. The culture ‘can do’ is a must in any sphere of your life. Are you passionate? Passion has to be reflected. We need more passionate people. What is your core purpose? Are you aware of the vision of the essence of the person who you can be? Those are the indicators, can do, will do, must do those are the foundation for driving to success. Passion ignites others.
  8. The belief within you that you have skills to do something, that’s the ignitor. Hold yourself at a much higher position. Look yourself as a human being you are capable we need people to walk around and say I can do.

Let Excellence be your brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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