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Discover Excellence With Puja and Charu Podcast 2-Maternity Break Should Not Be a Break

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It is such a pleasure to welcome Puja Talesara, co-founder of Leadership Demystified, a podcast series on Linkedin, as a ‘Guest Influencer’ at Womenlines panel!

A leadership coach mentored by John Mattone (former executive coach to the late Steve Jobs ), HR expert, Podcaster and mother of 2 lovely kids, Puja Talesara has donned multiple hats with success.

In the 2nd podcast of the series, ‘Discover Excellence with Puja and Charu’ Puja is stating that Maternity Break Should not Be a Break’

Key takeaways from Puja’s sharing-

  • Maternity phase should be termed ‘Reignite’ and ‘Reinvent’ phase.
  •  This phase should be used to discover own hidden strength
  • If you are not happy you cannot make your child happy. So work upon your mind, body and soul to make yourself happy.
  • Let not other people noise become your inner voice
  • Stop judging yourself and stop carrying guilt for things which you are not able to do for kids.
  • Focus on managing your energy. Draw a circle, where is your time going and how much energy going. As a mother your time and energy is precious.
  • Respond to the things in life, don’t react

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