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Azeeza- The New Age Woman Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker/Trainer, Activist for Women related Health issues, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and a true Friend – so many faces of a single woman who is named Azeeza Jalaludeen.

When you meet her for the first time her eye color attracts your attention to complement her. You chat with her; you find her inner spark and radiance on her face inviting again to interact with her. You become her friend, her charm and honest persona compel you to be in touch with her forever in life!

This is Azeeza Jalaludeen, Co-Founder of SHINE- A Social Enterprise & its various platforms. SHINE is Self-Help International Network Enterprise. She is a Social Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker & Trainer & Personal/Business Coach.

A Housewife, & mother of 4, turned Professional Trainer & Business Coach, she started her self-discovery journey in 2002, learning from business & spiritual gurus, from US, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc, on the various aspects of life enhancement. She began her human development journey, in 2003. Since then, she has touched the lives of thousands of people in Singapore & Malaysia.  She has vast experience & exposure in numerous industries, communicating with people of different cultures. This has made her a highly proficient communicator, business networker, & an effective trainer in Human Skills Development.

She is effectively Multi-Lingual in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay & English for almost 30 years now. With Tamil-Speaking Parents, who migrated from India in the 1970s, this Singapore-born, took up Chinese as a 2nd language, throughout her primary (Ai Tong), secondary & college education in Singapore. She continued to excel in speaking the Mandarin language fluently, while at work & in business. She discovered the business viability of knowing & speaking Mandarin & her passion to share this unique talent with the non-chinese speaking community. Thus, she has developed the Course – Conversation in Mandarin in 2002 & renamed “SHINE Key to Conversation Mandarin” in 2004. 

Her sincere, passionate & enthusiastic disposition, with sharing of her refreshing personal experiences & ideas, makes her connect with her audience & participants almost instantly. Azeeza is always successful in uplifting learners’ self-confidence & inspiring them to overcome self-limitations & cultural barriers, helping them enhance and coaching them to advance in their Career & Life!

SHINE Endometriosis Awareness & Support – SEAS, one of the other efforts of Azeeza, started in November 2007, is the Non-Profit Global Organisation of the social enterprise, SHINE (Self-Help International Network Enterprise) Group, dedicated to educating & supporting on Endometriosis & Menstrual Health issues. As a non-profit support group operating from S’pore, they provide holistic approaches to this condition, as they are constantly updated through collaboration with Endometriosis Organisations, Specialists & Support Groups, globally. Azeeza is a sufferer of endometriosis (one of the least understood & talked about the condition of our time). So she is very well aware of the problems this disease. Her mission for SEAS is in creating awareness for this condition in Asia/World & empowering women to “Conquer this Endo Dis-ease”.

Highlights of some of her achievements continue…
Money and You Graduate, Competent Toastmaster, BNI Certified Networker, etc.  She has recently also started contributing actively to the WIN-Women Executive Committee in Sengkang.
She has been featured and interviewed in Singapore’s Tamil, Chinese, English & Malay media since 1985.
It’s mentionable that she is one of the FIRST few Professional Human Skills Development Trainers in Singapore/ Asiato conduct transformational training that include “walking on broken glass”. 

Azeeza’s vision is ONE World of Abundance, where everyone has peace & prosperity. She is doing this by reaching out to womenfolk & aspiring individuals, helping them discover the spirit of social entrepreneurship & also through career development in the Professional Speaking & Training Industry. She says that our world around is full of abundance in everything, and it’s in everybody’s reach. She is working with the global network of organizations in changing the scarcity mentality of individual’s to mentality of abundance so that every individual progress’s towards a life of happiness and fulfillment. Hats off to her endeavors!www.shineworldwide.com/about_shine.html


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