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Books For Excellence Show: Meet the Author Tazeen Siddiqui

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Tazeen Siddiqui at Meet the Author session at ‘Books for Excellence’  show at Womenlines. Tazeen is the Managing Director of Mansha Educational Society, chairperson India for International Long Term Economy, Expert columnist NTD TV, presented papers at Harvard University and IIM Kozhikode. She is the author of a wonderful book ‘Know me Ma’. Listen to Tazeen at the ‘Books for Excellence Show’, what made her write this book-


Know Me Maa…

This book takes you to the journey of understanding the child’s heart and mind, his emotions in different phases of his life and how satisfaction ignites excellence.
We must not just hear the child but understand them by connecting to their feelings not just words. Look into their eyes to give them the strength of life and hear their feelings to keep them happy for a lifetime. Tazeen strongly believes “Classrooms are not made up of wall windows or doors, they are made up of thoughts, Ideas and Vision.

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