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Train Anybody Globally Through Virtual Classroom at Bringle Academy

As a digital partner, Womenlines presents exclusive Women Empowerment Opportunity brought to you by Bringle Academy, through which women can teach their expertise globally while working from home through Virtual Classroom at Bringle Academy!

Womenfolk are blessed with amazing powers. If they get the synergistic ecosystem to showcase their strengths, they can exceptionally excel in life!

Bringle brings a unique Work from Home part-time/full-time opportunity (as part of Women Empowerment program) for Women who have left their career. Bringle Academy is giving a unique opportunity to womenfolk across the globe to use Bringle Technological ecosystem and brand their expertise across the globe. Womenfolk can use Bringle platform to voice out their expertise by sharing talks and create employment for themselves by teaching their expertise to students who can register from anywhere across the world.

Bringle team will be providing full support at the back end of the system.

Bringle Academy is leveraging on Online University platform (http://www.BringleAcademy.com) at no cost to all the women globally to promote their expertise and conduct training and mentoring sessions to the cross-border ecosystem in 25+ countries (targeting to 100+ countries) and earn up to 90% of the Revenues generated out of the platform.

 As blended learning, virtual classrooms and content curation platform Bringle Academy provides a shift from eLearning to blended learning to make students, and teachers more comfortable. A formal education eLearning program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instructions with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. Progress and Skills levels are being tracked online and at least, in part in supervised facilitation by an experienced faculty (Virtual Classrooms) at home.

 Email contact@ to know details!

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Founder Womenlines

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