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Changing trends in media reporting!

I am an Indian and I am proud of my cultural values and traditions!images

Today morning It was disturbing to read media news by a leading newspaper reporting about a famous Bollywood star and cricketer couple going to stay together before marriage. It is their personal choice and like many other couples they also believe in live in relations but why to report in media in such a big way.

Youngsters in any country always idolize film stars and another sportsperson as they see them at a level where they have achieved some goals in life. But if their social behavior is also followed then I wonder what will happen to few cultural values and traditions which every parent wants to see in their child. I don’t want to sound like a watchdog for traditions and cultures. What my worry is this inappropriate reporting in media is slowly going to kill the traditional beliefs and values of our country.If media reports with responsibility and highlights more news which glorifies our values and traditions then it can save them from becoming extinct.

Media can really play a strong role in propagating values in any society. I am grateful to responsible media reporting during my school and college times which really helped me to gain right knowledge and follow right traditions which are helping me to exist confidently in a foreign land.

I sincerely request today’s media authority to take fully the responsibility of what type of news they are printing, with a thought in their mind that how it is going to affect the young generation of our country!

Charu Mehrotra

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