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As an online media partner, Womenlines takes pleasure to share about upcoming webinar series by Leadership Demystified Webinars (founded by Puja Talesara Bhandari, strengthened by Sandeep Mukhi, Snehal R Singh, Dr Vanditaa Dar) centred around Communication Skills, with the Global renowned Facilitators. The first webinar by famous Executive Coach and Performance consultant Gautam Gouthi is scheduled for 17th May at 8:00 pm IST. In this incredible article, Gautam has shared about the importance of communicating with impact in life and what he is going to teach in the upcoming webinar-


Wouldn’t it be great if people came with a personal “how to communicate instruction manual”?

Think of any role, be it a leader, entrepreneur or a parent and you have the challenge of ensuring your diverse audience understands your communication every time. Enough and more has been written about listening, body language, verbal communication etc. but what often is missed out is the most crucial element of them all – the people differences.

Why is it that an in-depth message is appreciated by some people while others tune out and prefer it to be short and crisp? Why are that humour and informality works brilliantly with some people while others perceive it as a casual approach and expect you to be serious and formal while communicating? It leaves you wondering & frustrated why these people are making life and communication difficult for you and will you be ever able to get through to them?

Let me share one of the numerous examples I’ve come across in 18 years of my practice. A few years back one of the top global IT companies, was giving a presentation to a Fortune 500 client. Close to bagging the multi-million dollar deal they also had to meet the COO. In the meeting, the IT co. the team started the same presentation, by sharing who they are, what does their group stand for etc. The COO impatiently interrupted them and said, I know who you are and what does your group stand for, that’s why you are in my office. I had given you 7 minutes, you’ve exhausted 4, you have 3 more minutes to tell me how you plan to add value to us.

IT co. team froze, they didn’t know how to respond. They later told me, they thought this deal was history. One team member had sense enough to flash the last few slides on the screen. The COO looked at them and said that’s all I wanted to know.

What do you think really happened here? Was either of them at fault? Was the IT team not competent or was the COO being difficult? NO.

People are not difficult, they are different. People think differently, decide differently, deal with conflicting opinions and emotions differently and above all communicate differently. Once you understand these differences in people, you’ll understand how to communicate with them differently and build trust and achieve results.

Ask yourself, would the same communication style be effective with say Steve Jobs, known for communicating with high engagement and passion as against his handpicked successor Tim Cook – known for his measured and deliberate communication, OR with Jack Welch whose communication is short, crisp and result focused as against Richard Branson whose communication is people focussed added with warmth and a dash of humour.

What’s the cost we pay when we’re unable to understand and flex our communication style according to the listener: we often end up creating impressions which don’t reflect our true intent resulting in losing trust and creating latent and/or visible conflicts.

The question really is: HOW do we then communicate differently with different people?

To help you achieve that I share with you, our proprietary CAPS model, designed by my team and I. It categorizes the observable behaviours into 4 styles – Controlling, Analyzing, Persuading & Supporting.

Over the last 18 years, it has benefitted over 16000 people across geographies, from some of the largest corporates to individuals. The organizations’ and participants’ terrific success stories reflect that by practising the CAPS model they have been able to build trust & openness, minimize conflicts and achieve their communication objectives.

The CAPS model based on the 2 dimensions of Assertiveness and Expressiveness helps you:

  1. Identify your own preferred communication style
  2. Identify the other person’s preferred communication style
  3. Flex your communication style accordingly

Without understanding the behavioural differences and flexing, communication often hits an impasse resulting in objective being lost, trust is broken and stress going up.

This webinar will equip you with actionable tools to build trust, openness and help you achieve your communication results and objectives.

This webinar will make the communication preferences work for you not against you.


-Gautam Gouthi

An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) approved by ICF, Gautam works with leaders and hi-pots to help them gain clarity, shift perspectives and maximize their personal & professional potential through Coaching. He has over 30 years of experience, 12 as a startup industrialist and 18 in the current role.

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Founder Womenlines

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