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Utilise Your Intuition and Enhance Your Success in Life    

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and founder of Natural Genius Academy (formerly Hidden Lava). In her sharing for this month, Anji is sharing ultimate tips to how to utilise intuition to enhance success in life-

Listening to your intuition is the only way for a deeper sense of knowing. To get the true answers that we seek. We go through school learning all this knowledge and intellect to the highest degree, yet we still get stuck in jobs we don’t like, in relationships that have passed their expiry date and stuck in situations that diminish our soul. These are all sure signs that you are not listening to your intuition.

Why do we end up here? Because we don’t know what we really want, how to get it and believe that someone else must hold the answer! This is disempowerment at its highest, but it’s simply not true that you don’t know. You do know or rather your intuition knows. It’s not your soul that is depleting, it’s your ability to hear your own inner voice of wisdom.

It lays dormant underneath all the layers of conditioning that we go through on our way to adulthood. What we are told to do, or not to do, which forms our views on how life needs to be.  Like there’s only one right way! The more it becomes buried, the less awareness we have of it until eventually, we forget we even have it! 

School is great at teaching children how to learn and acquire knowledge but isn’t known for teaching children how to stay connected to their true selves. The more we learn to rely on our intellect alone, the more disconnected we become to our true inner voice.  There is nothing wrong with the knowledge or being rational, but when we solely rely on it, we encounter problems. Although some schools are starting to acknowledge this and prepare their students by teaching them life skills, such as self-awareness.  Mindfulness programmes are being introduced for students to be aware of what is driving them, through observing their thoughts and feelings.

For those of us who were not taught such things at school, we must seek it ourselves as adults. So, can you tune back into it? Absolutely! This is something innate to us all and we can revive it from its dormancy. And there are a few things that you can do to re-find your intuitive side.

Firstly, become aware of your inner dialogue.  The voice in your head, that sounds like you is driven by different things. This was beautifully demonstrated by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, with all the different emotions that could take over at any time.  If we are driven by fear, then we are likely to lash out, avoid or procrastinate. If we are driven by joy, we listen to our heart’s desire and our own sense of knowing.  And what drives your thoughts will have a direct impact on your outcomes. So, becoming aware of what is driving you is the key to knowing when to engage or disengage with them.  In other words, what is true and what is just rubbish. Mindfulness, meditation and spiritual yoga practice are all great ways to gain this internal awareness.

The second thing you can do is to become more curious! Children are great at this; they are pure creative little spirits who are into everything!  Over time this becomes less pronounced as life becomes less fun, with more serious matters to attend to.  We get stuck in a very repetitive way of existing which causes excitement and zest to take a back seat.  Monotony will kill intuition as it lacks any creativity.  So, start doing new and different things to wake up your intuition. Take a different route home, talk to some people you’ve never spoken to at work or take a spontaneous drive on the weekend and see where it takes you.

And finally, ground yourself.  When I spend time in nature, I shed any ego or invisible protective layer, and this allows the humbler side to emerge. It is in this humble state that our intuition will shine through.  For some people, this may be when they are drawing, dancing or climbing mountains. Whatever it is for you to spend time doing it because it will ground you and energise your intuition.

So, it takes some self-discovery to re-engage with it, as you need to master the ability to let go of what you think you know for your intuition to emerge. When you listen to your authentic expression of what your heart desires you start making more powerful decisions. It shifts the dialogue from “I don’t know” to “this is what I must do’, with certainty and truth. When you start to make more empowering choices in life it can only lead to natural success.

Really the secret to reviving intuition is to inject some lightness into your life.  When we’re not trying to control everything or having to know everything before we do something we can step into a different zone. One that frees us from all the striving and self-doubt, so we can start thriving. So, lighten up and let it emerge!


Anji Hallewell

Professional Speaker, Coach, Trainer on Self-Mastery & Performance

Founder of Natural Genius Academy (formerly Hidden Lava)

+65 8408 5042

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