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Crazy Philosophies For a New You

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Abha Maryada Banerjee, leadership author and motivational speaker as a guest influencer at Womenlines. Abha Maryada Banerjee is India’s first woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in the Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha has been the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes. Her sharing below is a dose of motivation for womenfolk to change themselves for a positive approach in life-

Talk of change and we have no clue where to begin..

Here is an exhaustive A-Z list of all that we can do and feel the difference-

A. Smile, Laugh, Joke and Have fun: If we smile for 15 minutes, our body’s chemical composition changes. Try it. It’s funny. Humour is a very important part of life. It allows us to look at life’s many different perspectives in a harmless way. Humour is not dependent on outer circumstance. As much as we can watch a movie and laugh, we can also learn to develop humour. Try cracking jokes, try laughing out loud, try laughing at your self. Nothing lasts forever, no problems, not sadness and not laughter. You will be back to work soon.

B. At all times, speak fair and kindness unless there is serious need to be unkind. Even if others do not reciprocate in the same way, keep yourself kind. By staying in this mode, you will avoid disturbance in your own body or mind. Focus on your action alone, so as not to get carried away by other people’s negativity.

C. Stay optimistic- Optimism is first created and built in the mind and always tested in action. It is the happiness and positive resource of our mind and we have complete control over it. If you practice by doing good and not accepting wrong, you create immense positivity in your environment.

D. Do not allow people to wrong you – React calmly but immediately by saying you feel wronged. Practice it with the people close to you, your family and friends. Let them know what has hurt you or hurts you. Talk it out.

E. Become responsive, not reactive in action – There is a difference between response and reaction. The response is a thought out reaction commensurate to the situation at any given point of time. While the reaction is an instant response to a present situation but coming out of past experience. Use this way of being to guide your thoughts and action. This way, not only can you change your outer circumstances, your inner self is undisturbed.

F. A Thinking heart is tolerant: As you understand yourself better, there is every reason that you will be able to understand and automatically become more accepting of others. As much you are on your own, learning to live your way, others are doing the same. They think their way.

G. Conscious expression can remove negativity – All life’s experience can be categorized into positive and negative experiences. We carry negative experiences closing ourselves to future experience that can prevent the true expression of love and building of positive potential. Each time you express, keep it positive.

H. Make the ungrateful sheer visitors to life: People can be unjust and unreasonable. Unless absolutely necessary, maintain a calm state as that is owned by us. We must choose a response that does not send our self into a disturbance. Right action is not dependent on others. Right action is right because of and complete in itself. Keep yourself in the right action mode. People who trouble you must remain, visitors and guests, nothing beyond that.

I. Right Action comes from our values – Every action has its corresponding result. Values guide the way you live. EFFECTS of action evolve in ways we cannot predict. There are many variables, forces and influences that affect actions. The right thing to do is to keep them right. Whatever you choose to do, choose it for itself as correct. Right action has its own energy. Why do we do things at all? How do we measure action? By the rightness of it, there is no other way. An action does not have a choice but to manifest into something. Let it be right for you.

J. Bring the child detective back: A kindergarten student learns by discovering abstract principles through practical activities. The concept of numbers is taught by sorting similar objects and placing them into groups to count them. The concept of shape is taught in the same way by changing and manipulating shapes of objects. A child first learns the relationships between specific objects in the real World, the principle remaining the same. In Life too, we follow such principles that resonate with our level of understanding. We then apply it new areas and the same process continues.

K. Always move from concept to application and principal to practice: Any principle or understanding must be applied at the next best opportunity so it gets embedded in the mind and body. Always test it, try it and establish your own version of principles.

L. True Moment is always the moment of Action: ACTION stimulates the mind and induces self-contemplation, teaching us the art of sensibility. True wisdom lies in action and the impact it can create. When we begin to focus on it, we can see real creation caused by us.

M. Beautiful is everywhere: Start identifying beauty and aesthetics in everything. You are already thinking differently. Indulge in the not so normal. Art and Words have the power to free the soul, spiritual as well as physical and have a very strong effect on the mind – it takes your mind on a new journey- almost that of a mind of a creator. That affects emotions as well.

To Be Continued…Next time

Abha Maryada Banerjee



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