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An Easy, Enjoyable Meditation for Inner Peace

 Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Pamposh Dhar as the guest influencer. Pamposh is a mindfulness coach, Reiki Master and counsellor in Singapore and is having expertise in working with children, offering corporate coaching programs, including mindfulness workshops and guided meditation sessions. Her valuable sharing about how to make meditation enjoyable is a must read-

I started teaching meditation 12 years ago because I had a few Reiki and counselling clients who told me they were unable to meditate. I was astonished because I knew everyone could do this simple activity – it was just a matter of finding a method that worked well for each person.

So I have made it my business to teach easy and effective ways to meditate – easy to do and effective in bringing calmness and inner peace.

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways is breath-focused meditation.

5 Steps to An Easy and Effective Breath-Focused Meditation-

Step 1: Remove the pressure. You do not perfect any skill in one day – you learn the new skill, you practise it, and you make progress.

Remember: you did not learn to walk in a day, you did not learn English (or any other language) in a day, you did not learn law or literature or accountancy in a day.

Through meditation, we learn to still our usually restless mind for anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour or more. And, yes, even 10 minutes can bring a sense of calmness.

Most people do not get to the absolute stillness of mind in their first session of meditation – but they do find themselves getting calmer and more peaceful. This is because they move from a restless and scattered mind to one which is more focused, quieter – and much calmer. The more they practice, the more peace they find within themselves. Regular practice is the key. A  daily or weekly practice, even a short one, will help you to perfect your ability to meditate, even on days when you are distracted or agitated.

Step 2: Find the posture that works for you. Sit in a posture that you can hold still for the duration of the meditation. One easy posture is sukhasana, sitting cross-legged on a cushion on the floor. Those who find it difficult to sit on the floor can sit in a chair – just make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. In either case, keep your back straight, not hunched forward.

Step 3: Slow down your breathing. This is the most important step and it is really easy. Your body already knows how to breathe. You just have to breathe deeper and more slowly than you usually do. Breathe in slowly, taking the breath down to your stomach or your abdomen, whichever is more comfortable for you. And then slowly release the breath.

This deep, slow breathing itself brings quite a lot of relaxation and calmness.

Step 4: Use your choice, awareness and attention. Choose to breathe deeply and slowly. Breathe with awareness, knowing that you are breathing. Breathing is an autonomous function, so most of the time we breathe without being aware of the fact. But in meditation, we breathe consciously. Breathe with attention – shift more and more of your attention to your breathing – feel the air you breathe and, with your attention, follow the movement of the breath through your body.

Step 5: Focus and quieten the mind. We breathe every moment of life. In a breath-focused meditation, we breathe with awareness, attention and focus. Focus in on your breathing to the exclusion of everything else – as much as you can. If your attention wanders, gently bring it back to your breath. Help your mind to be more positive by focusing on the moments of stillness that you achieve rather than the times your attention wanders. Whatever you choose to focus on in your life will become bigger in your awareness. So use your attention with care.

Once your attention is largely on your breathing, your mind is no longer scattered, running after every passing thought. It is now a focused mind.

Congratulations! You are meditating.

For some additional support, please follow my guided meditation video, Mindful Breathing: http://bit.ly/terataii_meditation1

For even more support, join my regular group meditation classes, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Email terataii@gmail.com to register for a class or course.

Pamposh Dhar is a mindfulness coach, Reiki Master and counsellor. She works with children and adults individually or in small groups. She also offers corporate coaching programs, including mindfulness workshops and guided meditation sessions. Read more: https://terataii.com.sg

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