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Stress is the normal part of the life nowadays.Womenfolk particularly often feel stressed due to loads of responsibilities on them. Its the matter how women handle it, specifically how they avoid it and that determines your success rate in life in today’s mad rat race world!

I tried out some new ways of stress busters which I found very effective. I want to share it with my readers so that they can also be benefited-

1. PUT THE MUSIC ON particularly instrumental one. Words can distract you. So go for some calming music which gives you fresh energy. Piano music can be very relaxing. Just came across very relaxing music online which is available free on http://www.origenmusic.com. There is one other site http://nature-downloads.naturesounds.ca which has a collection of natural sounds like of birds for relaxation. People who love fast music can go for salsa numbers which can freshen you like something.

2.  USE ESSENTIAL OILS- You can also use essential oils for relaxing. Lavender, Clary sage, ylang-ylang, and frankincense are some great ones for relaxing. However, finding the perfect scent for you will be based on your preferences. You can use fresh flowers daily around yourself for a good natural fragrant atmosphere around.

3. TIMEOUT YOURSELF- You can give yourself a mental time out. To do so clear away all your thoughts and try to concentrate on a color or the emptiness. When thoughts try to disturb you, work on pushing them back out.

This will provide a lot of relaxation in just a few minutes.

4. MENTAL VACATION-  This is also very interesting one.Pick someplace that is restful whether it is a beach, garden, pond, or elsewhere. Go there for a few minutes and try to imagine what it looks like, smells like, and even sounds like. This will freshen your spirit in a minute!

Its all in your mind!Always be aware of yourself and whenever you realize that stress is overpowering you go with some relaxation technique. It will help you a lot in keeping yourself healthy and strong!

 Charu Mehrotra

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