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Unique Diwali Gifts For Your Loved Ones


“Diwali is an occasion to let the light of diyas and candles illuminate not just your home, but your life too”

In India, Diwali as a festival is considered to be the most beautiful and precious occasion. It is the time to illuminate all your houses with light and sheer. Ancestors said that it is the time to celebrate triumph over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

Originally Diwali is called Deepavali, which is originated from Sanskrit, which means ‘Rows Of Deep’. Also, this is associated with the day when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, after his 14 years of exile, and a victory over the demon Ravana.

On this prosperous day, he was welcomed to the kingdom Ayodhya, with rows of deeps, lightened throughout the kingdom. Thus, there is a tradition of lightening oil lamps, that symbolizes the sign of victory of good over evil. 🙂

Make this Diwali special for all your loved ones, by giving them something special, we have unlisted some unique options for you below:

  • Scented Candles Gifts Set: Lightening scented candles make your surroundings pleasant and relax your mood. Its natural fragrance disperses all around the air in the home and even makes the outdoors french and clean. This candle is made of 100% soy wax and premium cotton wicks.

  • Ganesha on Leaf Statue Ganesh Idol with Diya: Lord Ganesha is considered a symbol of happiness and joy. So, this Diwali shares your happiness with your loved ones with this beautiful and stylish handcrafted metal showpiece. The best part of this showpiece is, it can be put anywhere like house, office, temple, etc.

  • Handmade Natural Decorative Goddess Lakshmi Charan Statue: It is believed that placing Lakshmi charan paduka in your puja room, office, home, or business premises, etc. brings wealth and prosperity into your place, as it symbolizes the foot prints of Maha Laxmi. So, you should definitely try this out.

  • Standing Brass Metal Diya: It is said Diyas are an essential part of Diwali decoration. This Diwali gift this amazing brass metallic diyas to your friends and family and be a part of lightening their house.

  • IndoTribe Large Indian Decor Diwali Decorations: The purpose of rangoli is beyond decoration. It represents the happiness, positivity, and liveliness of your household, and intend to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and luck. This Acrylic Rangolis are perfect art pieces to Decorate a home’s wall, floor, and entrance with beautiful designs for festivals and occasions. This rangoli design is made with love and care by Women Artisans in India and packed carefully in a box with bubble wrap for safe transit with complementary stones/finishing.

  • Diwali Themed Craft Kit for Kids and Adults: With different crafts in one box and so many hours of creative fun, this makes for a great gift for your kids this Diwali. I personally suggest this product. As Diwali is the festival of playing and eating sweets for kids.

  • Glass Votive Candle Holders: The bowl candle holders are perfect for home decor add a glamorous glow and elegant look This candle holder features a thick glass wall and weighted base to prevent it from overheating or cracking, spreads a heartfelt golden light through your life for a very long time. Glass sequins effect on the tealight holder will enhance the natural warm light of candles, giving it a vintage but timeless look. Use these pretty gold glass votives as part of your overall decor that can be gifted to your loved ones.

As we all know, Diwali is a symbol of hope for humankind. May this Diwali bring universal compassion, an inner joy of peace, love, and the awareness of unity to all.

Womenlines Team Wish A Very Happy And Safe Diwali 🙂 

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