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Do you Fear Being Miserable the next time you get that Menstrual Headache?

Yafot wellness in Singapore is offering Homeopathic consultancy under Dr Charuta Deshpande, who is having an incredible experience and knowledge, which she wants to use by helping out people suffering from various illnesses especially in a holistic way. As an Influencer at Womenlines panel, Dr Charuta is sharing an insightful article on the role of Homeopathy in treating menstrual headaches-

Homoeopathy provides hope and wellness! -Dr. Charuta Deshpande

Looking for a natural, side effect free option to manage menstrual headaches, drop me a WhatsApp message at +65 86726918 or email at charutadeshapnde@outlook.com

“Mrs R is a 35year old mother of one, 5year old; saw me 9months back for migraine headaches. She always cherished being a mother but sometimes wonders if she is doing enough. Her husband travels a lot and she often feels like a single parent. When she gets around 3-4days before or during the first 2days of her monthly cycles, she suffers from unbearable headaches, so much so that she does not want to get out of the bed. These headaches might last for a few days to more than a week. She finds herself to be extremely irritable towards the kid and often yells at him for no reasons. She becomes sensitive to least disturbances; noise, light, air, least disturbance making her daily life miserable. Inability to look after the house and especially unable to care for her child makes her feel useless. The only way to deal with it is to lie down in dark, quiet room until the effect of 2-3 painkillers sets in that gives her relief for a few hours before the attacks start all over again. This often puts her on a guilt trip of not being a nice mother”. 

She has tried quite a few things to relieve her headaches but nothing seems to work more than temporary relief. Every next cycle the headaches are equally severe and debilitating. She started on Homeopathy in May 2019; within 3months of the time, she saw more than 70% relief in the intensity of her headaches soon followed by complete relief in another 3months. She was advised to discontinue the treatment in Nov 2019. She remains well and happy, completely headache free till today. To her, this was being able to live life without any anticipations!

Troubled by tormenting headaches and wishing a long-lasting recovery? Drop me a WhatsApp message at +65 86726918 or email at charutadeshapnde@outlook.com

Millions of women globally suffer from migraine every year. 60% amongst them are menstrual headaches or migraine that have a hormonal connection between the headaches and the menstrual cycles. These headaches usually start around her 20’s through the early ’50s which represent her peak career earning-power and child-rearing years. In reality, menstrual migraines are more than just a headache; it can be extremely disabling and cause major disruption in your ability to function during an attack. But many times, since you look quite normal with no obvious external sign or no objective measure of the pain, you might end up having to hear harsh comments like; ‘you are making it up’, ‘It’s just a headache, get over it.’

If you have tried to help yourself with variety of aids like pain relievers, hormonal treatments, dietary supplements, complementary treatments and so on but have failed to seek a long-lasting improvement, and on the verge of giving up or have decided to live with it; here’s the silver lining in that cloud of gloominess – Homeopathy! Completely natural, no side effects and non-habit-forming mode of treatment. Homoeopathic recovery usually starts with decreased frequency and intensity of headaches to almost no headaches in a span of 6-9months. Moreover, sustained wellbeing is the key even after you are off the remedies.

Helping to lessen the burden of headache, amongst the many other burdens that a woman carries has been my passion for writing this article. You deserve to fly high and enjoy life, we are meant to live.

Dr. Charuta Deshpande, homoeopathic practitioner@Yafot Homeopathy; Yafot Wellness. 360 Orchard road,#03-16/17, International building.238869. Call or WhatsApp at +65 86726918 for further enquires

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