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International Women’s Day Special Edition- Influencer’s Power Talk Series

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March is such an exciting month with International Women’s Day!

Womenlines team is all geared up to bring to all lovely womenfolk from across the globe throughout the month ‘THE CONTENT’ (video, panel discussions, interviews, articles), to inspire, motivate, acknowledge, enable them to unleash the phenomenal woman within them!

Sharing the Power talk series from various Influencers at Womenlines.

Here comes our guest Influencer Melissa Milford, who is having over 20 years experience in the health & fitness industry, educator and trainer in the fitness field. Melissa is sharing a very powerful message for womenfolk.

Over 20 years experience in the health & fitness industry, educator and trainer in fitness, nourishing your body, mindset and clean-living lifestyle habits. Empowering women along their personal health journey.  Do visit Melissa’s website for informative content related to health- Empower health and lifestyle.

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