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Effective Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Homeopathy

Yafot wellness in Singapore is offering Homeopathic consultancy under Dr Charuta Deshpande, who is having an incredible experience and knowledge, which she wants to use by helping out people suffering from various illnesses especially in a holistic way. Book a free consultation with Dr Charuta Deshpande at Yafot Wellness to have an understanding of how homoeopathic way of treatment can be helpful to you. As an Influencer at Womenlines panel, Dr Charuta is sharing an insightful article on how to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Homeopathy-

“Doctors may be dismissive of it but, for the sufferer, it is a condition causing untold suffering, worry and inconvenience” – Janet Gray, Medical GP for over 20 years.

One of the ailments most seen by first-contact doctors and general practitioners is a stomach ache. It is the job of the consulting doctor to determine between the patients who may have a serious disease, for example, stomach ulcers, diverticulitis, or, even worse, bowel cancer, from those who “simply” have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

There are no ways to test for IBS – diagnosis is made by excluding other diseases, which probably explains why doctors may have a rather dismissive attitude to it. The patient may be told, “All your tests and examinations have come back normal – it’s only IBS.”

In actual fact, from the sufferer’s point of view, it is a condition causing untold suffering, worry and inconvenience.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

IBS is a very common, debilitating condition, affecting as many as 20 per cent of the population, with more females suffering than males. It is concentrated in the 20 to 40 year age group, but can occur at all ages.

Causing not only intense symptoms (see symptoms below), IBS also has a great impact on functionality, also resulting in shame and embarrassment. Rather than being classified as a pathological disease, IBS is assumed to be due to a manifestation of a disordered central nervous system(psyche) and enteric nervous system (neurology of gastric tract).

The bowel may also react to emotional states, such as anger or anxiety. Such “gut reactions” appear to be especially likely in those who find it difficult to share their feelings with others, expressing mental distress through physical symptoms.

Food sensitivities or intolerances can cause IBS symptoms (as opposed to a true food allergy which occurs rapidly after ingesting very small quantities of the food concerned, for example, peanuts or shellfish). Abnormal fermentation in the colon, following antibiotic usage and candidal colonisation of the bowel, can also cause IBS symptoms.

Homoeopathy yields highly effective treatment results as it acts by simulating both the central and enteric nervous systems, tackling both aspects of the problem.

If you believe you may be suffering from IBS, consult us for highly effective & safe treatment. Call or WhatsApp us at +65-9145-9050 today for an appointment.Yafot Wellness also offers teleconsultations for clients.

Dr Charuta is an M.D in Homoeopathy (Mumbai, India), a certified Counselor (Mumbai), Autism expert and a Speaker. Having 6 years of practice, experience, she specializes in Psychosomatic i.e. stress-related and emotional and psychological disorders.

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