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Ablution Purifies Soul

Womenlines welcomes Dr Tazeen Siddiqui as a guest contributor at Womenlines. She is the Managing Director at Mansha Educational Society, India. This month Dr Tazeen is sharing an interesting article about how ablution can purify soul-

When you go for a bath, the first thought that comes to your mind to be clean and tidy washing off the dirt and adding fragrance and hygiene for your body and skin, Ablution is not just the process confined to cleaning your body, but also purifies your soul as the thoughts of cleanliness, hygiene encourages positivity and energize your day to move ahead with great happiness and joy, you not only clean your body but your soul too, that is purified embracing the positivity of Energy and happiness.

I feel that when you are going to have a bath just have 5 minutes prior to bathe, to yourself believing that I am going to wash off all the worries, fear and anxieties with the dirt so that I can come out with fresh energized body, and heart.

The coolness that you witness after a bath having a purified soul gives you a feeling of calmness at heart and mind.

Before prayers, we perform wazu ablution of hands, face neck and feet and then stand before God for prayers with the cleaned body; and positivity of connecting to god that purifies our thoughts and soul.

It’s important to have a bath every Morning to purify your body and soul to start your day with happiness and calmness at heart …

Dr Tazeen Siddiqui,
Managing Director
Mansha Educational society


I love sharing knowledge and help everyone to rise with Excellence.I am an Educationist and Educational consultant Hyderabad, presented paper at Harvard University on Multiple Intelligences 54, Blogger Times of India, Long term economy blog, GGA Global Goodwill Ambassador Director India.

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