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Efficacy of Homeopathy in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Yafot wellness is offering Homeopathic consultancy under Dr Charuta Deshpande, who is having an incredible experience and knowledge, which she wants to use by helping out people suffering from various illnesses especially in a holistic way. Book a free consultation with Dr Charuta Deshpande at Yafot Wellness to have an understanding of how homoeopathic way of treatment can be helpful to you.

This week Dr Charuta is sharing great information regarding how Homeopathy can be helpful in addressing Autism cases in kids. Listen to Dr Charuta and read in her own words how homoeopathy can be used for autism-

*Tell us a bit about your work experience in the area of Autism?

I am Dr Charuta Deshpande, a classical homoeopath specialized in working with special needs. I have been working with Autistic children (3- 17years) for over 6years now, started in Mumbai and then moved to Singapore. Having seen autistic cases from less to most severe, working in multidisciplinary setup, I feel very confident and equipped to continue working in this area. The journey until now has been very humbling and insightful.

*What is unique about Homeopathic approach in cases of Autism?

We treat children with autism, not autism, thus taking an individualized and holistic approach. There is not one autistic child “the same” than another. Our remedy selection is truly based on how your ASD child is different than anyone else. More than the common symptoms of ASD, uncommon and special things about him on mental-emotional-physical spheres are very noteworthy.

The great detail in a case that I look at as a Homeopath, starts right from the Mothers pregnancy or the couples conception history until today looking at the evolution and development of the symptoms of the disease as well understanding the child’s personality at emotional-physical-social levels.

*What changes can be seen with the introduction of Homeopathic remedies? 

Improvements are reflected in the area of significant reduction of hyperactivity, behavioural dysfunctions, sensory impairment as well as communication difficulty, the extent of which can differ from case to case. These improvements are translated into better adaptability of the child – emotionally and socially. Also, there is a significant change in the autism rating scores pre and post homoeopathic intervention. Great betterment in the general well being of the child – sleep, mood, physical acute ailments (allergies, gastric upsets) is seen. If you are already on some therapies, you will notice that the child rapidly progresses with the introduction of Homeopathic remedies, continuing the same efforts on the therapy side.

*Is the extent of improvement variable in different cases of Autism? 

The degree of improvement also depends whether it is mild, moderate or severe Autism, the age of the child and other factors like the genetic predispositions, co-morbid mental health issues, mother’s pregnancy history – her physical and emotional makeup during pregnancy, current medical treatment history and a few others.


*Can you share one of your clinical experiences with us?


Feedback by a parent about improvement in her kid after 3 months treatment from Dr Charuta Deshpande

I was called to see this 4.5yr old boy, who was diagnosed to be on the Autism spectrum by one of the reputed hospitals in Singapore. He was referred to me by one of my friends. The parents were initially quite unaware about Homeopathy, left aside its scope in Autism. Just because of a reliable reference from my friend, they decided to give it a try. Some details about the case;

How did everything start: The boy was the elder among the two siblings, who are spaced at a 2year gap. The mother being alone burdened with all the household responsibilities and other commitments could not really focus on the child. Within a year of his birth, she again got pregnant. During all this time, until he was 3yrs, she would just let him watch television so that she can take care of the household and the other baby. Around 3.5years, the parents started realizing that something’s wrong with him being self-centric, no speech and non-interactive. That is when he was diagnosed with being on the spectrum.

Behaviour and Socialisation: At home – Self-focused play, hand flapping when excited or in his own thoughts, hyperactivity if not busy with any activity. Cry often.

At school – He would sit away from the group, cling to a particular toy, no interaction with the kids, poor attention to activities/teachings that don’t interest him.

Speech: Mostly non-verbal, would blabber for need-based communication and make some sounds otherwise

Physical: Recurrent episodes of viral cold and fevers

Not much sensory impairment


2 months after the treatment: Eye contact improved by 70% with others and 90% with the Mother/Father. Hand flapping reduced by 50%. He has started with the monosyllabic conversation. One episode of acute cold/fever, managed with the Homeopathic remedies – settled in 3days. In school, started sitting in the group with his toy on the lap.


4months after the treatment: Eye contact continues to improve further in the time duration. Socialisation markedly improved – he has started playing with his brother, fights with him. Shares his belongings with other kids in school, plays around or sometimes with them in contrast to before where he kept himself fully isolated. The speech further improved, makes need-based communication clearly instead of crying. Clarity with speech better than before.

Parents Take: The parents are more than happy about their decision. They acknowledge the fact that the improvement in the child’s eye contact and hyperactivity is so much, that if a new person sees him for a little while, they won’t even sense that he is Autistic. (Though advised, the child was not any speech therapy, due to some financial constraints)

*A final note that you would like to make?

A multidisciplinary approach is key to improvement in cases of Autism. While the Homeopathic remedies work to enhance the neuropsychological axis, external inputs in the form of training and support are needed to achieve all-round and long-lasting improvement. I promote my clients to regularly visit their developmental paediatricians, psychiatrists, a neurologist at the same time seek support with the required therapies timely.

Disclaimer: The article is written with an objective to share the scope of Homeopathy in autism. It does not intend to promote or demote any other primary or auxiliary treatment modality. It also does not wish to focus on Homeopathy being the sole mode of treatment. Any person willing to go for it can do so based on his personal choice and decision. Individuals consent for treatment, free will to withdraw at any point is what we appreciate.

Dr Charuta is an M.D in Homoeopathy (Mumbai, India), a certified Counselor (Mumbai), Autism expert and a Speaker. Having 6 years of practice, experience, she specializes in Psychosomatic i.e. stress-related and emotional and psychological disorders.



360 Orchard Road, #03-16/17, International Building, Singapore 238869

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yafotwellness/

Contact no- 6951 1220

E-mail- charutadeshpande@outlook.com


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