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Global Women’s Leadership Journey- WIN Conference 2019 at Athens

Womenlines is delighted to be a Digital Media Partner for Women’s International Networking (WIN) Conference at Athens. Grab the golden opportunity to nurture the Leader within you at the WIN Conference at Athens from 2-4 (5) October 2019!


The Women’s Initiative and Leadership Organization is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Women’s International Networking (WIN) founded by Kristin Engvig, is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN models develop, empowers and connects leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. It is the reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.  It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum – the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity.

A pioneer in the field of professional women’s conferences and leadership journeys on a global scale, WIN has welcomed thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies to live events worldwide

The Global WIN Conference is the most established EuropeanWomen’s forum and leadership development experience has been running since 1998; it has over 20 years of experience in inspiring women worldwide in a feminine, global and authentic way. Giving a framework for change, the WIN Conference has become the reference point for aware women, conscious men, and world-class organisations active in the field of women’s leadership development, talent, diversity and inclusion. Every year more than 800 leaders from across the world join to prepare for the future, to develop possibilities and to realise new opportunities. Participants represent more than 90 nations and demonstrate an ever-increasing level of expertise and influence.

Kristin Engvig, WIN’s visionary founder says:

 “I discovered decades ago that bringing together decision-makers from all over the world in one place for a few days where they are united by a common vision is a beautiful and efficient way for all of us to grow, support each other and accelerate the change needed in the world.” We both initiate journeys and nurture those we are on


Why become a part of it?

The environment around us is increasingly complex and fast-changing. As a society, as organizations and as individuals, we are facing many challenges but also many opportunities. It has become vital to stand connected and rooted on the ground as we actively find the new solutions.

WIN prepares you to step up to transform and create thriving organizations and embrace the future emerging.

You will gain the knowledge, awareness, skills and the inspiration needed to propel you and your organization forward.

You will gain hope, inspiration, and vitality.WIN’s Years of experience in feminine leadership assures beauty, abundance, creativity and joy is a part of how each part of this forum is designed, curated and executed. Supported by a clear structure and determination, WIN provides you with a sense of belonging and ease of connecting, making learning and doing business incredibly efficient. Experiencing this integrated way of working will enlighten your life and create ripples to those around you, guaranteed.

WIN participants say they come back with:

  • Inspiration, a sense of calm, grace and clarity
  • The spark to start new projects and the readiness to take on new roles
  • An impactful community of support, meaningful connections and nourishment
  • Courage to make bolder decisions
  • Confidence to lead more holistically
  • Motivation to mentor other colleagues or your teams
  • The understanding that ‘I am enough’
  • The guts to take authentic action within your company, your community and for yourself


World-class plenaries, skill-building workshops and interactive forums at WIN conference are designed to ignite your curiosity, open your heart to new possibilities, inspire new learning and foster meaningful connections with others. It covers a wide range of topics over 3+ days – there is something for everyone!

WIN is so much more than a conference – it gives you a glimpse into the future and is a total experience that will inspire and energize you.

The conference provides outstanding networking possibilities. Each coffee break, lunch, dinner, and cocktail is created in a way that allows you to connect and engage with someone new.


  • 6 Transformative Plenaries – Be inspired by world-class speakers addressing the World, Work and You.
  • 42 Growth Workshops – Share, grow and discover interactive and stimulating forum sessions.
  • Leading Edge Working Forums– Discuss issues related to media, innovation, technology, women on boards, future of work, women and spirituality, young leader forum, experienced leader forum and the landmark WIN Story forum.
  • Innovative D&I Forum– Expert sessions propelling organizations, their talent, and diversity & inclusion programmes to a new level.
  • Entrepreneurship Forum– Explorative forum on growing our businesses authentically and organically in a feminine way.
  • Coaching Labs– Benefit from professional coaching opportunities and personalized sessions.
  • Body-Mind Awakening Session– The perfect way to start the day with 40 minutes of gentle movement and meditation.
  • Calm Oasis– Specially designed places to take time out to rest, reflect, refocus and energize.
  • Lively Global Village– The marketplace and bookstore.
  • Networking Island– Seek advice and share information in the WIN networking area and mentoring corner.
  • Conference Rituals – Movement and music to embody and provide a beat for your vision.
  • Gala Dinner– Dress up, relax, enjoy and celebrate women around the world.



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