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Entrepreneur of the Month Show-Manisha Kishore, MD, Awadh Restaurant, Singapore

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Manisha Kishore, MD, Awadh restaurant Singapore in Entrepreneur of the Month Show. It requires confidence, vision, faith, resilience and courage to follow one’s dream, especially as an entrepreneur. Manisha’s entrepreneurial journey is one such journey which is very inspiring. Listen to Manisha’s entrepreneurial journey in the interview above read her entrepreneurial story in her own words-

Having been a student and practitioner of Psychology for the past 20 years, I have been empowering people with intellectual disabilities for employment and inclusion in the community. An inherent love for people and entertaining, took me towards my second professional journey of life, with my foray into the Restaurant Industry. As a mother of two girls, I waited until they became independent before I embarked on fulfilling my dream to bring a completely unique and rare form of cuisine to Singapore Food Hub, which had not been introduced in South East Asia ever before.

Co-founders of Awadh -Manisha Kishore, Santwana Shrivastava, Minal Jadhav

With this ambition came thorough research and finally AWADH was born in January 2020! As an entrepreneur I have studied, learnt, evolved and refined our business strategies to cater to the needs of the local psyche. This is where my background as a Psychologist helped me tremendously.

I envision AWADH to work towards social causes and bring happiness to the lives of people of Singapore through arts, culture and good food.

“AWADH is a new concept of Indian regal cuisine in Singapore, a feast fit for a king. Awadhi cuisine is a unique synthesis of Hindu and Islamic heritage in its style of cooking.AWADH restaurant provides a complete sensory experience to tantalise your taste buds. Melt-in-the-mouth Galawat and Kakori Kababs, mildly spiced curries and kormas, accompanied with rich bread and biryanis, define (Awadhi) cuisine primarily. Book your tables now for a royal dining experience!”

Direct Reservation Line: (65) 6909 9971
Mobile/SMS/WhatsApp: (65) 9385 5337
Online orders: https://order.theawadh.com

176 Orchard Road
The Center Point
Singapore 238843

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