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Episode 3: Bizway- An Online Presence Platform Talk Show presents Entrepreneur Srinivas Kilambi’s Wow Story

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Womenlines in collaboration with Solworxs, a business company from India, takes pleasure to present BIZWAY- An Online Presence Platform. Womenlines is an online magazine promoting excellence in women across the globe so they can become the best version of themselves. Solworxs is a business services company in India, founded by Mani Lakkaraju, wheeling the ideations and helping Entrepreneurs to Transform their ideas in Businesses with support of Mentoring, Technology Advisory, Fund Raising.

Bizway is an international Online Presence Platform with a key objective to foster beyond and enable entrepreneurs to grow into the future. Online presence platform is a service which is offered by the Bizway team to facilitate business to join an online show and create the marketable content from the online show which is later made available at various branded digital pages like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and online magazine Womenlines for 24*7 digital presence of the content online.

The platform solves three issues
(1) Soft version of a ‘Shark Tank’ for businesses to pitch
(2) Cross border promotion of product & services
(3) Access for enthusiastic professionals

Business needs to register for the platform and needs to take the relevant briefing to get ready for presence online. The briefing will be of two stages. The first stage is based on the basic mentoring that helps business to understand the key pointers to highlight and the later stage is personal branding related to present well for the online session. A very interesting bi-monthly show, especially for entrepreneurs across!

In the third episode, we present the Wow story of Srinivas Kilambi, Founder & Chairman at Keydabra Inc, Inventor of DXI and Prof. of AI at Clarkson University. Dr Kilambi has done B.Tech IIT-M, Johns Hopkins and Clarkson MS, and PhD from ORNL.

Listen to Dr Kilambi’s wow story in his own words in the show above-

Biz Bytes from Srinivas Kilambi

Right from IIT days, Dr Kilambi was an entrepreneur with the mindset to create jobs. Hailing from a conservational south Indian Brahmin family to becoming the inventor of Supercritical water for biomass conversion to combustible fuel (petrol, Diesel) with raising investments around 100 M USD. Using Nanotechnology for cement production at large scale with raising 22 M USD, currently running a venture based on AI for increasing websites engagement and conversion and been known for having 20 patents globally, this is the successful Entrepreneur and Investor Dr Srinivas Kilmabi.

Dr Kilambi believes that entrepreneurs must have these key ingredients Honesty, Innovative thinking, Fulltime commitment and important things to look at are (1) You got to do what customers want to do (2) Know your customer and adapt the technology as per the requirement of the Market in creating the Startup Success Story

Dr Kilambi’s Entrepreneurial journey is an example of a Successful Entrepreneur and here is the list of his accomplishments-

1988 – India’s First Biotech Startup, In quest of SBI Working Capital Loan got India’s first line of credit
1989 – Entrepreneur of India Award by GOI
1996 – 4 patents and 2 acquired by a NY PE firm
1996 & 97 – 97 mill USD 2 IPOs, the Think Big approach was the key learning
2001 – IT company, a big lesson is timing is the key when you have money on the table take it first.
2003 – Tata Chemicals: 16 Projects with nanotechnology and biotechnology to TATAs Group
2005 – Youngest CEO with Reliance group
2007 – Super Critical Water was the revolution from 5 days to 5 secs conversion of biomass to fuels
2009 – Employed 100 engineers in the US during the economic recession
2009 -TiE Atlanta Winner
2010 -TiE Global
2010 – Cement-based company with NanoTechnology with 1200 C lower starting temperatures
2010 -World Economic Forum technology pioneer top 25 in the world
2011 -North American Greentech award winner
2012 – Raised Money and successful to buy out the entire company.
2014- 15 Successful exits from 2 startups
2017 – Keydabra is an AI-based solution for e-commerce to increase the conversion and engagement on their website

Keydabra is a digital intelligence platform designed to better utilize the client’s data to help them strengthen their customer experience. Keydabra has come up with a single index indicating the website performance called DXI score.

The graph above is showcasing conversion among those visitors who have high DXI score. Keydabra technology is strong and if implemented correctly there is 3.5X potential to increase sales. If any company is looking forward to enhancing their website’s user engagement, boost conversions, and make decisions that can improve the overall performance of their site, Keydabra can help them!

Visit https://www.keydabra.com/ to know more about Dr Kilambi’s venture Keydabra.

Connect with Srinivas Kilambi- https://www.linkedin.com/in/srinivaskilambi/

Email urbizway01@gmail.com to register for the show!

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