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The Essential Oils Benefits Guide You Ever Need

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome  Lenny Suijkerbuijk, expert guide for essential oils benefits, as a Guest Influencer on Womenlines panel. Every month she will be sharing informative articles related to various benefits of Essential Oils.

When using essential oils, many people don’t know they can do more than just smelling amazing. I’ve always been drawn to essential oils ever since I was a small child. I didn’t know then that one of my female ancestors was a medicine woman in her village. She was a healer and she used plants and herbs to make potions and oils. I inherited her gifts.
As a Feminine Presence coach and international breakthrough specialist, I love working with essential oils to help women transform their health, business and well being. My husband is using essential at work to help him focus during long office hours. So I’m not only empowering women with essential oils, but also my family. I’ve been working with aromatherapy for more than 20 years and have witnessed many beautiful transformations with the oils.
My six-year-old son loves our essential oils. He knows how and when to use them. It’s fun and easy to teach children how they can use natural remedies. Essential oils can be used for:
1. Physical body healing
2. Healing emotions and mental blocks
3. Increase your energy, when you’re feeling drained by other people
As a Feminine Presence, Goddess awaking and breakthrough coach I use certain oils to awaken the Feminine Essence. When a woman is disconnected from her essence she loses connection with her vibrancy, her warmth, radiance and as a result she’s being noticed less. Which impacts her relationship with herself, loved ones and in her working environment.

Essential oils are great if you are looking to re-charge your energy and clear your mind. And when going through severe stress, difficult life transitions or deep rooted emotional issues, essential oils can really help you through it.

There’s not one pathway to healing. When I help women transform their lives, I usually combine my practical, spiritual, energy healing techniques with the oils and supplements.
The most beautiful thing about essential oils is the symbolic behind every oil. For example: grapefruit oil is the oil of honouring your body. Lavender is the oil of communication. Cinnamon Bark is the oil of sexual harmony. If you’re having a particular issue, you can work with the symbolic  of the oils and chose on intuition. I always so: you don’t chose an essential oil. The right essential oil will appear when you’re ready. It works on all chakras. It’s also great to cook and bake with essential oils. I love baking brownies with Wild Orange oil in it.
Essential oils can be used:
1. Topically
2. Aromatically
3. Internally
!! Depending on the brand !! And the potency and the ingredients of the oil. Make sure whenever purchase oils, the person who is selling it to you can EDUCATE you well. With education, I don’t mean basic stuff like: ‘lavender is really good to calm your mind’. Almost everyone knows that. Not all oils can be used internally. And on average no more than 1 to 2 drops. A great example is to put 1 to 2 drops of lemon oil in your tea, with a tooth pick of Cinnamon Bark to cleanse your organs and to balance your metabolism.
As these are really the basics of essential oils, reading about it is great. But it’s even more powerful to experience them in an oil class or during my women circle gatherings.
In my women circle gatherings I help women to connect with their Feminine Essence. So they can create a dynamic and authentic presence. Finding their inner strength hand calm. Work on their emotional balancing and spiritual growth. Using powerful Art of Feminine Presence meditations and physical body movement practices. And … essential oils.
If you want to experience how you can drop into your Female Power with using essential oils, feel free to join my 2,5 hrs introduction workshop for just $ 20 per person.
Lenny Suijkerbuijk is a Dutch entrepreneur living in Singapore. She’s CEO of My Full Essence. With more than 20 years of experience as a Feminine Presence coach, a Goddess Awakening coach, an Aromatherapist, a Vocal Power coach and an international breakthrough specialist/therapist she’s helped hundreds of women worldwide breaking through emotional and mental blocks. Lenny is specliazed in helping women breaking through business blocks, women with traumas, sexual abuse traumas and depressions. She’s also a speaker and trainer on women empowerment events. Lenny is also helping women creating authentic visibility in their personal and (online) business life. 
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