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Faith put into Action!

Its a fact and I still can’t believe it!  

There is a lady named Immaculee Ilibagiza whose life was transformed during  1994 Rwandan genocide when she with seven other women spent 91 days silently together in a cramped bathroom of a local pastor’s house.Isn’t it unbelievable?

Immaculae was a 115-pound university student with a loving family. When she came out of the bathroom she weighed only 65 pounds and her whole family was murdered.And what helped her in surviving?Prayers! Yes, she prayed continuously for 91 days, from the morning when she opened her eyes till night. Her father gave a set of rosary beads to her before she went into hiding.She began to pray the rosary as a way to come out of her negativity.Through prayer, she was able to forgive her tormentors and her family’s murderers.Immaculée’s strength in her faith helped her her to stare down a man armed with a machete threatening to kill her during her escape. She also later came face to face with the killer of her mother and her brother and said the unthinkable, “I forgive you.”Above all Immaculée learned English with only a bible and a dictionary in that tiny bathroom and this helped her to get a job at UN later.

Immaculae’s story shows the power of belief and faith. In such circumstances, she was not only able to survive but she was able to forgive her tormentors too.That’s the power of belief and prayer.We get troubled with small problems in our daily life and here is this woman with such amazing faith. Hats off to her for her courage and faith!

Charu Mehrotra

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