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Femina brings’Made by You’!

Femina, a magazine close to the heart of an Indian woman, is revolutionizing the publishing industry. The issue titled ‘Made By You’ will be compiled using stories and articles written completely by readers & fans from across the country.  ‘Made By You’, as the issue is aptly named, will unlock the power of social media to reach over 5 million women, encouraging them to submit their thoughts and express themselves.

Womenfolk lives to revolve around so many close to heart stories that can teach others a lot about various experiences in life. The sensitivity and beauty of womanhood are awesome and it helps every woman to survive in this world with her inner power and confidence. It’s a beautiful journey which every woman goes in her life starting as a daughter, then crossing various stages of sister, wife, friend, Mother, and finally grandmother. Every stage is itself a story which carries some strong message in it. Platform ‘Made By You’ created by Femina is surely a brilliant idea and thus going to help many ladies around to share their experiences.

Femina has built it’s success around its over-all connect with the progressive Indian woman in every aspect of her life.  It will feature the work of hundreds of new “journalists” and is scheduled to hit stands in April 2013. The publication will pose as a platform for real women to unveil their talent and share their stories with readers across the country. Contributors can use Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to share their editorial ideas on a varied range of topics.

Link to an Application on Femina’s facebook page, that enables fans to submit their sample articles – http://on.fb.me/13LDVaf

Twitter-   https://twitter.com/FeminaIndia

Take the benefit of Femina’s Motto “If you’ve got a story, We’ve got the space!” and share your story with whole world!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!


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