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Financial Sharktress Galit Tsadik

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Financial Education Instructor and founder of Financial Sharktress, Galit Tsadik from New York in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ show. Listen to her interesting entrepreneurial journey in her own words in the above video!

The Financial Sharktress Galit, has been in the world of finance and business management for over a decade and her passion is supporting small businesses and individuals. She helps people reach their full potential by increasing efficiency and managing cash flow. Her goal is to teach people how to be a shark in business and in life!

Her company, Tsadik G Management offers individualized solutions to improve and streamline business processes through consulting and bookkeeping services. Her mission is to increase efficiency, profitability and provide business owners with peace of mind.

Your ultimate personal power to live the life you love comes from taking control of your money. If you want to break free and be healed from your financial pains as well as reach new, higher goals then meet Galit Tsadik, the FINancial Sharktress.

Renew your hopes & dreams as you hear about her powerful journey from “abuse to abundance” for financial independence.  Because of domestic violence in her home as a child, she vowed never to hand over her money and power as well as to help others find their power by taking control of their money.
Today, Galit is the founder & SHE.E.O. of FINancial Sharktress, as well as her namesake company, Tsadik G. Management and a respected money expert.

As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, she helps people transform their lives by facing their fears and revealing her ‘S-H-A-R-K’ money wisdom to win their financial freedom!

As an animal lover and champion of the oceans, she was terrified of real-life sharks, so Galit pushed herself and went on a CAGE-LESS shark dive with tons of sharks swimming all around, with no protection. She faced her fear head-on, saw they didn’t want to eat her, and even asserted herself in their domain.

Many now benefit from her new-found spiritual connection and identity as the FINancial Sharktress! Discover how to seize your financial opportunities fearlessly with shark-like swiftness, sleekness & elegance like Galit so that you can live your dreams starting today! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FINancialSharktress/Facebook Group

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