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How to get rid of stomach problems through yoga

Do you suffer from below symptoms very often and are you aware how yoga can help you to get rid of these problems?

-Acidity, Constipation, Bloating, Gas, Diarrhea

Have you realized that you may be observing what are you feeding your stomach but are you mindful what are you feeding your mind?

Of course, it matters, what food you eat. But it is very important to check what do you feed your mind? What are your thoughts and emotions? Your digestive system simply refuses to work when you are stressed, angry, tensed, fearful and in the extreme emotional state. In these situations, the Sympathetic nervous system is active which makes your blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse rate, sugar level goes high and it shuts down blood flow to digestion. This affects in decreased secretion needed for digestion, which affects the following-

– Increases acid in your stomach(acidity)
– Constricts intestines, which results in either constipation or diarrhea
– Causes esophagus in spasm which affects peristaltic movements
– Causes weight gain due food doesn’t get digested well in time

Here are 3 ways Yoga can be helpful to get relief from stomach problems-

1. Relaxation therapy
Relax your mind and body to bring balance to the nervous system, which will relax digestive system. Deep relaxation, Deep breathing (Read about Breath)and Meditation will help to relax mind and body and hence to reduce stress, anxieties, anger, and tensions.
Sometimes most productive thing to do is to relax.

2. Vajrasana
The only Yogasana/posture you can do after food is Vajrasana. After a heavy meal or if you can, after every meal, you should sit for at least 5-7 mins in Vajrasana. By doing this, whole blood flow is sent to the digestive system and hence it aids digestion faster. You can combine with meditation as well.

3.Apana Mudra

Apana Vayu or downward force at abdomen region is responsible and supports the functioning of digestive system. By doing Apana mudra, the flow of Apana Vayu can be controlled and balanced. It helps to regulate the movement of body toxins downwards and hence relives constipation.
To do this mudra, the tip of your middle finger and ring finger touch to the tip of thumb lightly, rest of the fingers remains straight.

4.Yoga Asanas
Yoga asanas help to improve blood circulation and relaxes the body. By doing certain poses like twisting, Vakrasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Pavanmuktsana helps to stimulate digestive system by improving secretion of juices. It also helps to strengthen the digestive system.

-Archana Amlapure

Instagram: ojasyoga0704
Linkedin: Archana Amlapure

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