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Dalai Lama, Meditation, And Its Impact In Today’s World!

Dalai Lama has always been a symbol of peace to me. His constant efforts for Tibet cause in its unique way has attracted worldwide attention. He is also known for his guidance and teachings worldwide and his books are very popular throughout the world.

Whenever I crossed Dalai Lama’s book section in Library I just felt that his books will talk about peace, love, integrity and maybe something about how to meditate, yoga etc. This was until I read one of his books-How to Expand Love.

Well, I will certainly not say that book is a best seller, or very superbly written. But the impression which It created in my mind that being a human being some thoughts which have to be present in every individual then why is it so those are prominent in few persons around the world like his holiness.  In this book, he has described seven step self-help program to help us open our heart and mind. Some of the snippets are-

It is important to aspire to bring about the well being of others and to develop that aspiration so that it becomes stronger and stronger.

When you generate a reasoned desire for the happiness of others your humanness increases.

May the suffering which I am undergoing now function as the ripening, manifestation, and conclusion of many bad karmas that I have accumulated.

He says that think about the happiness of others. This will give you amazing happiness. Just imagine the person fulfilling all his dreams and you will be full of love and happiness for him.

Though I must say that all his teachings are tough to follow. You really have to be a saint to follow his preachings. When you lead a normal life going through all your roles, dealing with the worldly duties, experiencing all types of emotions throughout the day then it is really challenging to keep your inner voice audible. It needs lots of meditation and practice. Though not impossible still a challenge in itself.

In today’s scenario its necessary to go across such thoughts as it takes you to a different spiritual world from this materialistic world and you are introduced to real yourself!

Charu Mehrotra

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