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Series 2-Women Empowerment: Mindset Game

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Series 2 Talk on the topic ‘Women Empowerment’ by Founder Womenlines Charu Mehrotra at Bringle Academy


Women Empowerment is defined as a process by which a woman becomes aware of her visions and goals and work towards achieving them in life. To my understanding mindset plays a huge role in strengthening women empowerment. Womenfolk should not take women empowerment only to work and earn but they should be empowering themselves through growth mindset also!

I want to emphasize friends, use the power of mindset in your favour!

Have you seen kids playing pretend and play? Some kids become batman, some become superman. Some play like doctor and patient, some even student and teacher games. While playing they are fully in that role and thinking like the character they are playing. We, adults, know that it is not real but don’t you think friends if actually, we want to become something in life we can follow the footsteps of the women leaders. We love to follow celebrities, the way they wear clothes, the way they do makeup, why don’t we push ourselves to have women leaders as our role models. There is so much to learn from them and achieve in life.

Here comes a very important role in mindest friends. Many of you will say what is the need of having a growth mindset. We are happy where we are. But you don’t realize friends world around you is changing. If you will not put efforts now to change yourself it will be difficult for you later.

I am listing down 10 ways of how a growth mindset can help you-

  1. A growth mindset will help you to gain confidence as you will be much aware of yourself, your vision.
  2. You will start working with mindfulness and that will help you to deliver your work a much better way.
  3. A growth mindset can make you responsible for yourself. It will help you to understand yourself better and you will be fully aware of what vision goal you want to achieve in your life.
  4. If you are a parent you can set an example in front of your kids and teach them the right values.
  5. You will start taking challenges as opportunities to learn in life.
  6. You will stop seeking approval from others
  7. You will cultivate a sense of purpose
  8. You will start portraying criticism as positive
  9. You will take responsibility for your attitude
  10. You will start taking the risk in life!

Let Excellence be your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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