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Tips to Prevent Cancer from a Breast Cancer Thriver- Anju Kurien

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international campaign which aims at increasing awareness about the second most common cancer in women, to someday stop it. Throughout the month Womenlines will be sharing very informative interviews, articles, and information about various webinars to empower viewers and readers with knowledge related to prevention of cancer.


It is pleasure today to share the interview with an amazing fighter who is not only a breast cancer thriver for last 8 years but also is a cancer coach and teaching people how to prevent cancer or thrive with cancer.

Welcome Anju Kurien at Womenlines ‘Health is Wealth’ show. Anju has valuable knowledge which she wants to share across the world. Anju Kurien is also a Cancer Coach under Cancer Awakens ( founded by Vijay Bhat) organisation which supports the daunting journey from ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’, to ‘cancer-thriver’, via a Holistic & Integrated approach to healing!



1) When were you diagnosed with breast cancer and how did you find out? 

I had a distinct lump in my breast and was pushed by husband with help from my sister to get myself checked. I was behaving like an Ostrich and hoping it would disappear. This was in October of 2011.


 2)What form of treatment did you receive? 

The protocol defined for me was the first Chemo (as my cancer had metastasised in the Liver and the Doctors wanted to reduce and eliminate as many of the cancer cells with Chemo) This was followed by Radical Mastectomy of the left breast. Followed by 25 cycles of Radiation. Post the 8 cycles of Chemo I was administered 12 doses of Herceptin once a month and Zoladex injections for 6 months. 


3) How has breast cancer impacted your life over the years? 

Losing a body part just makes you realise what a beautiful piece of machinery has been created where every part has an important role to play. Today its a reminder of my neglecting my inner self.


4) Are you still taking some medicine? 

Yes, I am on 20mg of tamoxifen daily!


5) What helped you to keep your spirits up and gave you support? 

Support and unconditional love from family and friends. Accepting all advice as good advice and embracing them wholeheartedly.


6) Must to follow tips for womenfolk based on your learning journey as a thriver!

  •       Take one day at a time 
  •       Understand and acknowledge your stressors 
  •       Love yourself  
  •       Meditate 
  •       Embrace life 

If you are looking forward to helping out people suffering from cancer to thrive with cancer or to gain insights about the prevention of cancer, reach out to ‘Cancer Awakens’ at contact@cancerawakens.com!











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