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How interesting is your conversation with your spouse!

Andre Maurois, French novelist, and essayist wrote, “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short”

Do you agree with it! Well, ideally every couple should be talking to each other rather than talking to each other. But life is not that ideal my friends and every couple goes through up and downs of relationships where at times it’s challenging to come over few issues. I really find it interesting to observe how various couples interact with each other and how well they know about each other. When as a couple we are talking to each other then we are giving undivided attention to our partner. Reason for a proper communication is to remain connected to each other. When we communicate as a couple we have our feelings and thoughts heard and respected. Whenever any problem or issues arise then we can sort out through positive communication. In fact to reach out to solutions also we have to communicate properly so that we can reach an understanding of one another.

There are few topics which are common among couples to always discuss like- weather, kids, jobs, money, health issues, friends etc. But the effort should be made that always we are not talking about same issues every day. Life will become monotonous, isn’t it?

1.Couples can plan their future trips and vacations.

2.Share about some new thing you discovered throughout the day

3.Take out time to share your childhood memories.

4.Share about things you would like to experience in life.

5.Have an interesting discussion ‘If you could?  Do you believe…..

Whatever topic you are taking up think out of the box how to add spice to your relationship and how to make communication fun between you and your partner!

Charu Mehrotra

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  1. Ashvini Kumar Saxena


    I asked this question to my wife before writing this comment and her response was similar to yours. To connect , people need to have common interests. If they do not have any common interests they should try to find out some .

    The key to successsful relationship is communication and listening.

    Thanks for sharing.

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