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Naturopathy and Migraine Pain!

Womenlines brings health section for benefit of  its readers. Every month one disease will be taken in consideration and  Ms Ketki Vinayachandra, a trained naturopath in Singapore, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist will be sharing her opinion about the disease.Trained in Sydney, Australia and is registered with the Australian Body NHAA – National Herbalist Association of Australia – the only association that registers herbalists in Australia. ketki20pic1


Migraine is a debilitating condition characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea, about 3 times more common in women than in men.

The typical migraine headache is unilateral pain (affecting one half of the head) and pulsating in nature, lasting from 4 to 72 hours; symptoms include nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light), phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound), and is aggravated by routine activity. Approximately one-third of people who suffer from migraine headaches perceive an aura—unusual visual, olfactory, or other sensory experiences that are a sign that the migraine will soon occur.

Q.How to control Migraine Pain following naturopathy ways?

Ketki:Migraine pain can be due to various factors. it can be hormonal changes that induce such changes especially prior to periods or one of the accompanying symptoms for severe PMS ( premenstrual syndrome). The other factors we need to consider for migraine pain can be due to skeletal issues or misalignment , which then requires some adjustment. It can be dehydration, food allergies, constipation , lack of sleep. So a Naturopath would look at various factors and rule them out before deciding the treatment approach through diet, supplements and herbs.
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