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How your Thoughts can Change your Personality and Personal Reality

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Eitu Vij Chopra, founder of Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for action/life as an Influencer for Alternative therapies. Eitu provides holistic professional and personalized healing and psychic counselling for every facet of human life be it professional, financial or personal, helping people achieve their goals. This month Eitu has shared about how to use thoughts to change your personality and your reality-

Human   Brain and the human body are the greatest healers. The change, the shift and the metamorphosis happen in the body in the mind to heal and shift.

Research shows that we become slaves to our thoughts and that is why 90% of our thoughts remain the same through the days, through the weeks, months and years.

Thoughts create our destiny and thoughts to create our future!

Same thoughts lead to the same choices and the same choices lead to the same behaviour and that lead to the same results. And further on the same experiences that lead to the same emotions which tend to influence the way we think.

Our hormones, our biology, our body chemistry and our neuron circuitry as well as gene expression equals to and depends on how we think and how we act and how we feel.

And to sum that up; how we THINK  and how we ACT is called our personality and our Personality also creates our Personal Reality. If you wish to change your PERSONALITY make it more vibrant you will need to change your PERSONAL REALITY.

How to do that:

  1. Be mindful, conscious and aware of your thoughts and emotions.
  2. Trail your thoughts and look at how you think.
  3. Read your emotions each day, seek how you live with emotions through your days.
  4. Do your emotions belong to your future or are coming from past experiences of fear/guilt and judgment or abandonment.

And once you begin to notice the points enumerated above you also begin to CHANGE and shift so that you create a new you and create a new life. Your Neurons fire with your wiring and thoughts can shift the wiring and firing of the SAMENESS when we just act upon our thoughts. Once the thoughts shift the action shifts, the behaviour shifts and so does the experiences. But this is not easy and your body, your mind and your thoughts shall resist this unfamiliar change as its used to, accustomed to same habit and the unconscious behaviour which turn into emotional reactions and ultimately hard-wired beliefs, perceptions. It’s like a computer or a robot that has been programmed to function a certain way with the commands it’s been fed and to give the precise known result. So if you wish to change POSITIVE THINKING won’t help as your body and mind are conditioned into a program a from the past. “The thought that I wish to change” never reaches the body. Think of it as an unfamiliar, uncertain and uncomfortable as well as unpredictable feeling and shift that you have to embark on. The familiar feeling of comfort will come back very easy and the body too shall move into the womb of its previous comfort. To move from one state to the next, to move from one static mind into another you will need to cross the river that will seem dreary, deep and dangerous. But beyond it lies the Change in your Personal Reality as you have guided it to this change and shift.

Eitu Vij Chopra

Educationist/ Fundraiser/Rex Mission Leader Founder at Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for Action/life coach and Energy worker/writer and poet. http://www.eituvijchopra.com/

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