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How to fix Trust Issues?

trust issues

Do you also have trust issues? Womenlines guest influencer and leadership coach Ela Staniak – Founder of Feminine Leaders from Australia has shared an insightful article with lots of tips on how to fix trust issues?

Keep calm, you are NOT alone.

Along the years of working with women in leadership in multiple capacities, I began recognising certain trends in human behaviour and how these trends change.

Mistakenly some of us believe that either only causes trust issues:
– childhood trauma
– heartbreak or
– significant loss in the past/ feeling left alone/ unsupported

These are common causes for trust issues, however not exclusively.

See, not experiencing a sense of TRUST – however it plays out – is a symptom of lack of CONNECTION.

The symptoms sound like some of the following:

“I can’t trust others”
“I can’t trust the world”
“I can’t trust myself”

If you are experiencing any of the above what is really going on most then likely is this:

A. ‘Defence Mechanism’ is in place and for most, it would cause an underlying anxiety

“I don’t know what the future holds”
“I fear the outcome of what happens when things change”

Ironically you might be keeping yourself safe and stuck at the same time in the same place by not moving forward ie-

– a job which doesn’t fulfil you
– a relationship which doesn’t thrive on love
– a well-being or body shape which doesn’t satisfy you

B. You might be disconnected to some degree

Dissociation is very common. It’s when we tolerate circumstances which are uncomfortable or create a certain level of pain for long enough to numb ourselves to them emotionally.

Where to from here?

It is time to “COME BACK HOME” to your heart.

Embark on a journey to finding your PURPOSE.

Aim to develop INTUITIVE CONNECTION so instead of “needing to know what’s going on” you can be GUIDED every step of the way.

Follow your HEART’s DESIRES with courage and bravery.

Create morning RITUALS which facilitate coming back to your HEART.

Listen to your GUT FEELING.

Sort through your BELIEF systems around trust.

Why would you care?

An ability to demonstrate and develop TRUST is one of the most powerful assets of an exemplary LEADER.

TRUST in a romantic relationship, parenting, friendship or a workplace facilitates PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY.

It doesn’t matter what happens around us or to us because you cannot control everything in your life.

What matters the most is KNOWING who YOU ARE and having FAITH that you are always going to be OK despite any circumstances.

That’s a powerful place in your HEART TO LEAD from.

Ela Staniak -Founder of Feminine Leaders https://www.elastaniak.com/

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As a Feminine Leadership Coach to female CEOs, Executives, and Business Owners, Ela champions unprecedented results for women ready to break through the perception of the ‘glass ceiling’ and gain their rightful place at the boardroom table or claim their space in their entrepreneurial zone of genius. 

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